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New beginnings!

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Dislike how everything changes :<

Infinite sweethearts! ∞

Recently, Infinite’s leader, Sunggyu was stir up in a controversy due to a comment he made in a variety show!

This incident made me realised how mean netizens can be, all the negative words they are using against him & Infinite! :<

He have already officially apologised & can see that he was really hurt by this incident since he deleted all of his previous tweets & left only his apologise one!

Maybe I was a fan, but I felt that everything was over reacted since he said it for entertainment purposes and the producers of the show also came out to verify that it wasn’t his fault. as you know variety show are mostly scripted!

Nonetheless, Kim Sunggyu fighting~ ♥

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This line from the drama, Reply 1997 really reflects my mind well!

I think I put most of my attention on Infinite recently; listening to their songs, watching videos of them on yt;  hundreds of reblogs on them on tumblr!

The opening for Infinite’s variety show “Ranking King”

I felt that this short video really reflects the personality of Infinite; always so heart-warming! (:

(Cr: Jiyeol)

Guess they are the only few kpop idol groups who are really humble & kind-hearted!

The Idol Olympics Championship ended at 4AM yet they still stayed back to clean up the venue!

This is why I love them~ ♥

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(Cr: Hyunjooong)

This is their famous & signature scorpion dance!

Always amazed & impressed seeing them do this dance, super cool! (:

Additional GIF featuring Infinite’s visual, L!


(Cr: Sojun)

Leader, Kim Sunggyu!

Hamster lookalike, with a pair of 1cm eyes (hahaha) but I think this is also his best feature! (:

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Rapper, Jang Dongwoo!

The most angelic, humble & kind member! One of my bias in Infinite~ ♥

(Cr: Oceansdrowned)

Main vocal, Nam Woohyun aka greasy nam! (PMT’s favourite)

Had a very sweet tongue and always doing cheesy things to member + fans! (:

One of my bias from Infinite too~ ♥

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Sassy Hoya

(Cr: Ksgyu)

Rapper, Hoya!

He is the first member I know from Infinite from the drama, Reply 1997!

On the same world with me, a super fan of the colour purple! (:


(Cr: Purinpop)

Vocal, Lee Sungyeol! (My favourite!)

A very childish, young-at-heart, sweet, kind-hearted and funny member!

That super cute smile of his when fan shouted that she wanted to marry him and he replied cannot, hahaha!

And his panicked face while asking fans to be careful of the cars and asked them to go home! Awww~ ^^

(Cr: Zoyeol)

He is now at overseas filming Law of the Jungle which he will be filming for around 2 weeks?

Be safe, come back soon, missed you~ ♥

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130609 L’s Bravo Viewtiful Fan Sign Event© lkimholic | do not edit/crop/remove the watermark.

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Vocal & Visual of Infinite, Kim Myungsoo L!

A 2 sided guy, L (super cool & handsome); Myungsoo (Clingy, Silly, Bad-tempered)

Used to be my favourite then I read rumors of him being a playboy & is dating this female idol who I don’t really like…

Mentally shocked & accepted the “facts” after a sleepless night, hahaha!

Still felt slightly regret to be a kpo & went to google his rumors! :<

still one of my bias in Infinite though~ ♥

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Maknae, Lee Sungjong!

He is of the same age as me, so he is my chingu! (hahaha)

Had a pretty face + girly voice + good in act-cute, but he also have his manly side! (:

Saw rumors of him dating this girl group member too and I was ultra shocked because I didn’t expect that they would be together!



(Cr: Ccristinajeann)

Felt slightly funny because I haven’t finish updating my TW grad trip this April,

yet I am going to TW again with my family this July!

Will update soon when I come back~ ^^


“The closer you think you are, the less you actually see”

Annyeong~ ^^

Last week was quite a fulfilling one because I didn’t laze at home and instead, I went out on all weekdays!

Need to start planning for my family trip to TW (once again) this July soon! Heeheehee ^^



Cycling + Collect TW’s free gifts + Kbox!

We went to take back our bikes from zh’s house, so this was a cycle trip from Rivervale > Hougang!

It wasn’t that tiring as compared to last monday’s torturous cycling trip, hahaha!

I didn’t even had any ache on the next day, which was a miracle one! (:

I think it is because of the route we took, it was a smoother & faster one!

But mt made me felt that she’s dying, can still rmb her hilarious, out-of-breathe: “不要跟我讲话~~~”


Met up with mt to have roti prata @ Hougang Ave 8!

I arrived a few minutes after our met-up time & realised she was still at home…

So it ended up that her roti prata arrived before her, hahaha!

She gets very paranoid now as an auntie on that day commented that she thought mt wasn’t Singaporean and she felt really offended, hahahahahaha!

Put all these aside, this roti prata is serious the BEST!!! 😀

To the extend that both of us even added another plain prata, hahaha! (Y)

Awesome breakfast, best way to start the day! (:

IMG_5679IMG_5674 IMG_5675

Went to collect the free gifts for my TW trip, which were one-way coach ticket to the city + buy 1 get 1 free voucher to one of the theme park in Taipei! (:

Then we had a super impromptu kbox session!

As it wasn’t 2pm yet, we laze at Artease and shared our current favourite, honey greentea!

It was really shiok and cooling, especially to drink it on such a humid weather! 😀


We went to the kbox @ Orchard Cineleisure!

Super happy that right outside our room, 柯震东 is looking at us!

And beside got 小鬼 also, hahaha! (:

This kbox session was an enjoyable one because we sang like 50% korean songs!

Hahaha, we selected like almost all songs from 2AM, B1A4 and INFINITE!

Staffs, guests might be wondering what is wrong with us, hahaha!

Kind of sad song new songs like “What’s going on” and “Man in Love” not out yet! :<

I personally think the best korean song we sang is “Be mine” by Infinite!

We seems to know their whole chorus unlike other songs which we mumbled through, hahaha!

This is our first time singing “Come back again” by Infinite!

But it was so addictive and chorus were quite easy to sing too, mostly repeat “Come back again~”

Hahaha! So we ended up singing this again for our last song! (:

PS: This is their debut song when they looked so young!!



Lunch + Movie + Dinner!


We went to see the movie “Now you see me”

Didn’t expected it but the movie super awesome!!! (Y)(Y)(Y)

I think it was one of the best movie I’ve ever seen! (:

It is a movie that comprises of Magic, Action, Comedy, Romance and a twist!

Without further ado, here is the movie trailer!

“The closer you think you are, the less you actually see”

This is a quote which I believed in! Just like “当局者迷,旁观者清“

I felt that we should step back to see the whole picture, and not have bias judgement based on just what we see! (:


My last post was just mentioning abt it and we had dinner again @ Song Fa Bak Gut Teh!

This time I finally get to eat my Youtiao but it wasn’t as nice as I expected! :<

We had the pork tenderloin soup which I think was really nice because the meat was easy to chew! (:

IMG_5686 IMG_5688 IMG_5690

Photos with the girls! (:

Phone addict, mt STILL playing candy-crush, hahaha!


On our way to find the “Settlers’ Cafe”, we spotted this super authentic and old korean convenience store!

It was so different from the shopping mall’s korean store!

All items they sold were imported from korea and I found it to be so awesome-ly cool!!! (:

Always wanted to try this ice-cream because I saw it before in WGM and I thought that I can only eat it in Seoul!

 But I was disappointed because it was way too sweet for me! :< and this costed $2.80!

It was still worth it as it fulfilled my all-time want-to-try chart! (:

IMG_5694IMG_5693IMG_5692 After half an hour of walking round and round, we finally found The Settlers’ Cafe!

It was quieter than expected and we decided to come another day because there wasn’t much time left for us to play!

It overall looks like there is really a lot of games to play!

And I am quite looking forward to visit someday! (:



Trip to TP + Lunch!

Went back to TP for some uni procedures and I find that I didn’t really miss school, hahaha! (:

IMG_5699 IMG_5700 IMG_5701

Had lunch with mt at our favourite, Itacho Sushi @ T3!

Super satisfied salmon craving, happygirl93! ^^

We went to find zh&sn for awhile to chit-chat with them during their lunch break!

And I had a super panicked moment when I realised I left the tops I just bought at their staff canteen!




Lunch + Muah chee making session!

Met up with mt to have lunch and bought ingredients to make muah chee! (:


Was super tempted to make it after seeing Esselle’s photo on instagram!

And since muah chee is my favourite pasar malam’s food, apart from tu tu kueh! (:

It wasn’t too difficult to make, so ta-da my successful final product!

I think it tasted okay but it had negative feedbacks from my family, hahaha! :<



Brunch + Movie + Class dinner!

IMG_5714 IMG_5717 IMG_5718

Had brunch with my lovely primary school besties @ Tiong Bahru Bakery, Raffles City outlet!

Coincidentally 3 of us wore traffic light colours, super cool!

Good afternoon, eating & laughing & chit-chatting with them! (:

I had croissant & apple crumble and I think their croissant were good!

But my friends both didn’t like their desserts because it was too sweet/too sour, hahaha!

IMG_5719 IMG_5720 IMG_5722

Due to yt’s recommendations, me&sx shared this box of molten lava cakes!

Flavours: Pistachio, Oreo White Chocolate, Extreme Chocolate (70%)

It is supposed to be eaten when it is warm, but we ate it at night so it was cold!

I don’t really like the extreme choco because it was super bitter!

But one of my friend who tried really love it, so I guess it depends on personal preference!

I felt that all 3 wasn’t really to my liking,  but the Oreo White Chocolate is the best! (:

Friends of mine will know that I am not really a fan of horror movie!

But I went to watch this thai horror, comedy, romance movie “Pee-Mak” with sx before our class dinner!

It is really a super super super funny movie which I think comedy > horror!

Being someone who is scared of horror movie, I felt that this movie wasn’t really scary!

The ending were quite touching to the extent that some girls in the cinema cried!

To say the truth, male lead is part of the reason why I agreed in watching this movie!

Hahaha, because I really like his movie “A little thing called love” (:


I just entered the monster university, hahaha!

Didn’t watch their movie before but the trailer looks nice & funny! (:

IMG_5723 IMG_5724 IMG_5725

Had a great class dinner with my favourite group of classmates @ Just Acia!

Love how we always seem to go back to our secondary school days when we are together! (:

And I realised all of us smiled with our teeths, hahaha so cute!

Poor mt became our joke of the day because she’s late for 30 minutes, hahaha!

Super coincidentally, we saw both yn & gq at dhoby ghaut! Wasn’t it super cool, hehe! ^^


“Race Start” in Hong Kong, Running Man first-ever fanmeet!

This is the first time a korean variety show had fanmeet in other countries!

Although not all members can make it, 4/7 members can attend is not bad too! (:

I am feeling super jealous and hope they will come SG too!!! ^^

I find that the way the members speak cantonese is super cute & can feel that they really love HK!


(Cr: Loveableoneman)

This week’s rm ep was on my super anticipated, “The Avengers” (:

But I was actually disappointed after watching because I felt that it would be an super awesome ep WITHOUT ANY GUESTS!

What is the purpose of having an ep on The Avengers yet the guest is winning! :/

Thankfully there gonna be another part 2 ep on it soon and hopefully it would be good!

Running Man ep150 - Kwangsoo &amp; Jaesuk

(Cr: Kpopcorngifs)

Puppy kwangsoo? Hahaha!

(Cr: Howon)

Kwangsoo forever so poor thing & funny, hahaha!

(Cr: Kpopcorngifs)

My favourite monday couple~ (♥.)

I felt that they were really real in this ep, kekeke! ^^

(Cr: Littlepeacefulrunner)

Spiderman (Spider garie) & Black Widow (Black Mong)

See the same expression they have on their faces! (:

(Cr: Littlepeacefulrunner)

Rm’s Idols Olympic Part 2 is the ep where I start to have interest in L Kim Myungsoo! 😉

And went to watch all the variety shows of Infinite, heehee!


(Cr: lkim holic)


Myungyeol is real, heehee! ^^

(Cr: Zoyeol)

My favourite OTP – Myungyeol couple!! (♥.)

The super close BFF who is always so cute, sweet & loving together!

I don’t feel weird seeing them so close, instead I am more than happy to see it!

Hahaha, am I weird? Mt agrees with what I think too! 2 weirdos, hahaha!


“傻笑” by 周杰倫&袁詠琳!

I think this is a nice duet song! (:

Me & mt tried singing at kbox and our voice don’t seen to match during chorus, hahaha!

“大笨鐘” by 周杰倫!

This is a very cute song! English translation of the title it meant “Big Ben” (:


Love especially the part they played golf!

They counted in korean “1,2..” HAHAHA 😀

(Cr: Despicable-me)


CAN’T WAIT TO SEE IT IN CINEMA, I might be watching it twice with my mum&my BFFs! (:

“Some memories is always so unforgettable!”

“All I know since yesterday is everything has changed”

Heehee, decided to have one of Taylor Swift new song’s lyric as my title!

Gonna post abt all the meet-up I had with my favourite people for the last 3 weeks!

Didn’t realised it was so long since I catch-up to blog abt my current life! (:



 I went to play badminton with my two E2 girls! (:


I think it was the most shocking news I’ve ever received because I was totally sure I couldn’t get in!

Guess lesser the expectation, greater the happiness!

Was really really elated about getting in, along with so many of my friends!



I am super satisfied with the newly painted sport hall because it is my favourite, purpleeeeeee~ 😀


We all agreed on wearing E2 class tee because it has been in our wardrobe for so long!

But it ended with me being the only one wearing because they forgot!

This shows what a loyal person I am, hahaha! (:


IMG_5507 IMG_5506

I went Bugis with miss.P to shop for office wear!

Even though I didn’t managed to get any office job because I will be going oversea in July!

But I am happy with my buySSS of the day, hahaha!

Heehee, we were also so coincidental and fated to see guiqin there!

Satisfied our cravings @ Itacho Sushi for our brunch! (:


Super coincidentally that Wilber Pan was having a fan-meet session @ Bugis Junction!

And I get to see him for awhile while waiting for nana!

He was really good-looking in real life & his smile is charming!!! (:






Had dinner @ Porn’s, which is opened by my mum’s favourite idol, Pornsak! Hahaha! (:

We ordered: Kangkong Belachan, Stir-fried Pork with Basil Leaves, Tom Yum Soup with Coconut & Red ruby with Vanilla Ice-cream!

Spot the cute rice in elephant shape too, hahaha!

Had a really bloated dinner & overall it tasted quite good too!




We had dinner @ Just Acia before going for our ladies’ night!

It was super funny that innocent mt had the thinking that ladies’ night means only ladies can enter the venue, hahahahahahahaha!

My Teriyaki Chicken Aglio Olio! (:

IMG_5566 IMG_5567

The super super beautiful sunset in 2 different point of view! (:

Luckily we managed to capture it because it disappear just in less than a few minutes!

Passerby were all staring at us because all of us were taking photos of it at the same time!


Initially, our plan was to have our ladies’ night @ The Mind Cafe!

However, we were slightly disappointed that ladies’ night was no longer in place since last week! :<

Nonetheless, we still stayed on and had 3 hours of board games!

I felt that it wasn’t as fun as the first time we played together, maybe it is the more the merrier! (:


First game: True colours! (3/5)

Just like what is written on the cover, it is simply a game whereby one have 2 votes to vote for the most suitable friend, based on the question selected!

It will be anonymous and you can’t vote for yourself!

After voting, you will need to guess whether you will have the most number of votes, middle votes or zero vote!

You can’t play it for too long because I feel that it gets boring overtime!

It will be a game whereby you get to understand how your friends think of you! (:

For most of the questions, mt & zh got most votes, hahaha!

IMG_5571 IMG_5570

Second game: A la Carte! (2/5)

Personally think that it is quite a childish and time-consuming game whereby you need to cook 5 perfect dishes!

To perfect each dish, you will need to complete the requirements on the recipe!

Quite sorry that the staff spent quite a long time to teach us yet we only play for 10 mins and changed game! :p

Because we find no interest in a game like this, hahaha!


Third game: Jungle Speed! (4/5)

It is a super fun and highly recommended game! (:

The aim of the game is to finish the cards ASAP, the concept of the game is slightly similar to the “Ugly Dolls”

Players will open one card at a time and the two person with the same card will need to immediately grab the yellow toy!

The winner will then passed on her/his deck to the loser!

PS: Some cards have shapes that is really really really similar, hahaha!

There is also a card whereby the round will be judged by “same colour”

A couple joined us for this game & it was slightly awkward but we still had fun together! (:


Our fourth & last game: Spot it! (3.5/5)

It is a very simple game whereby the person that losses his/her deck lose!

One card will have 7-8 items on it and you will need to find 1 same item on any one of the player’s card and shout “____ spot it” to get her/his card! (:


IMG_5583 IMG_5582

I went to the Food Fair @ Expo with mt! (:

She had a bloated lunch so we didn’t ate much!

We only had super yummy 10 for $3 dodo fried food & I also had a bowl of Penang laksa!

Quite sad that the stalls were mainly selling products instead of food-to-go kind!


After dinner, we chilled out @ Changi Point’s Starbucks!

I ordered my usual Green Tea Frap & hers was Java Chips which was nice too!

Chit-chat about many things and also fangirl on our oppas, hahaha! (:

Can’t wait for our next year’s oversea trip to SEOUL~ 



Had Japanese buffet brunch with mt @ Momiji, City Square outlet! (:

As both of us are craving for salmonsssssss, heehee!

It was quite affordable @ $25.50 Nett!

IMG_5595 IMG_5598 IMG_5604

This was what we took for our first round and I think it looks like we didn’t eat alot, hahaha!

I think my personal favourite from this buffet would be: Chawanmushi, Salmons and the ICE-CREAMS! ^^

I really love the tea too! I drank 4 cups of it and mt had 3 cups, hahaha! It tasted refreshing! (:

The rest of the food were average but acceptable for the price we paid!

 Buffet is normally where we get to see ugly behaviours of human! :<

We had such a hard time taking salmons because it will be cleared by the time we reached the counter!

Saw a guest taking one plate full of salmons, so self-fish…

IMG_5602 IMG_5603IMG_5597 IMG_5605

Super happy and satisfied us with the Haagen-Dazs Ice-cream!

All four flavours were REALLY REALLY REALLY NICE: Green-tea, Rum&Raisins, Macadamia nuts and Dark Chocolate! 😀

Both of us were so in love with the ice-cream, hahaha!

Mt’s favourite was the Green-tea & Mine was the Rum&Raisins + Dark Chocolate! Super shiok!! (:



IMG_5623 IMG_5624

I went to my uncle’s new house-warming which they had moved from Bedok to Hougang area! (:

It was like a 20 minutes walking distance from my house now, heehee!



Met up with mt early in the morning for McDonald breakfast! (:


Then we met up with nana & zh for a bicycle trip from Hougang > Rivervale > Punggol!

All of us except for zh, really had a hard time because of the far distance!

I think words really can’t describe the hardship we went through, you need to experience to feel it! :<

I realised on that day that a good bike really matters! ! ! ! ! !

I borrowed mt’s bike and the speed was slow + the seat was SUPER SUPER SUPER UNCOMFORTABLE! :<

All of them tried riding the bike and verified that it was the bike’s fault, hahaha!

Three of us couldn’t take it and parked our bikes outside zh’s house for the time being!

I went home with sores on my legs and butt which lasted for the whole night and the next day! T.T

IMG_5630 IMG_5631 IMG_5632 IMG_5633 IMG_5634 IMG_5642 IMG_5635

On our way back, it was drizzling so we stop by @ the shelter under the high-way!

Took some random group photos while waiting for the rain to stop!

As you all can see, miss.p is a very good actress! Hahaha!

These photos reminded me of the good old days we had, 那些年~Hahaha! (:

IMG_5643 IMG_5644 IMG_5645 IMG_5646

Despite the hard time we had, I still had fun with the girls! (:

PS: See mt and her cute tiny little bike, hahahahahaha!

We laughed at her because at some point in time, she looked like delivery girl, lol!


The beautiful pinkish sky taken on one of the evening! (:

IMG_5653 IMG_5651 IMG_5652

Last friday, I had a late brunch with my mum @ Song Fa Bak Gut Teh! (:

Always wanted to try and finally get to eat it!

Overall it tasted quite good & will go back again next time!

IMG_5655 IMG_5659 IMG_5660 IMG_5661

Met up with yeobo after her work for dinner @ 49 Seats! (:

Had a good two hours of dinner + chit-chat session with her!

Let’s meet up again for The Group Therapy Cafe, hahaha!


Our shared main course: Fish & Chip + Tom Yum Pasta! (:

I was so anticipating to try the Tom Yum Pasta because I am a Tom Yum lover!

It tasted quite similar to laksa, slightly sourish and quite spicy!

Overall I think the Fish & Chip tasted quite normal but the Tom Yum Pasta was quite unique!


My mum ate McDonald for dinner that day just to buy me this cute Red Riding Hood Kitty because she knew I wanted it!

Heehee, so cute that it looked like superman when you removed the red hood! (:

Was feeling so touched & blissful after knowing it! :’)


(Cr: Asamikane)

This week’s Love in Tokyo is so sweet and cute! ^^

This version’s storyline seems slightly different and I didn’t really like the changes, though the main scenes were still there!

It seems more to be the straight to the important scene kind of feel!

Still love this version but I think I preferred tw’s slow pace storyline which shows the whole picture! (:

(Cr: Dramafever)

Can’t wait for next ep because it would be my most anticipated ep on Christmasssssss! (:

Another sweet ep to look forward!

Dislike how each ep is only an hour and we need to wait for one more week! :<


Yesterday, I submitted a message for InspiritSG’s project for my favourite member, Sungyeol’s birthday!

I had no idea why I felt so nervous while writing his birthday message!

Maybe is because it was my first time writing? Maybe I have the thinking that he might read it? But maybe not since he will be receiving so many presents!

Anyway, I tried my best finding the translation in hangul & I wrote it with my heart, so I hope he will read it! (:

생일축하합니다,성열오빠♥ (Happy birthday, Sungyeol oppa~♥)

Your presence in Infinite is really important, thank you for always bringing laughter for Inspirit! Love your 초딩image, 오빠사랑해~♥ (Love your kid image, Oppa Saranghaeyo~♥)

화이팅오빠,화이팅INFINITE,명열영원히∞~♥ (Oppa hwaiting, Infinite hwaiting, Myungyeol forever∞~♥)

You are the best, keep smiling! ^^



Despite being just an 4 months Inspirit (Infinite’s fanclub name), I am still super touched by the mv!

I am so proud of all the hardwork, time, sweats and tears you all had gone through to come so far today! :’)

Being one of the most hardworking idol group, you all deserved all the wins and loves!! (:

I am sure I will be a fan as long as you guys are there, Infinite forever~ ∞


Seriously can’t wait and totally anticipating for it! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

The thought of listening to all my favourite song and seeing my favourite members, I don’t think I can sleep tonight! Hahaha! (: *I think I might faint on the day of concert, hahahaha*

One thing I am sure: I definitely won’t be clueless about which songs are they singing (for the CNBLUE’s concert I’ve attended) because I know most Infinite’s songs, heehee ^^


“Only tears” by Infinite! (:

This is my favourite ballad song by them, since their songs are mostly dance track!

This song is so sincere and the lyrics are touching!

Despite being a dance group, I felt that all of them can sing! (♥.)

Even the 2 rappers sang well too! So proud of them, hahaha! (:

“Missing you”

Infinite’s leader, Sunggyu solo album title song, “60 seconds”

Their newest album had a group version of this song and I prefer that version, though both also sounds good since the song is nice, hahaha! (:

My favourite member, the visual in Infinite, L is the male lead of this mv!

As usual, so good-looking!! (♥.) (♥.) (♥.)

I don’t know why but the female lead from some angle looked slightly like gain! (:

 I got my karma for laughing at mt because L kissed female lead’s cheek at this MV, just like how her favourite B1A4’s Baro kissed female lead’s cheek in one of their japanese PV! :<

Really love the song’s lyrics because it make sense & it is also sweet! (:

“60 seconds is enough for this story”


This is Taylor Swift’s new song, “Everything has changed” featuring Ed Sheeran!

As usual a great song and the MV is so cute & sweet, isn’t it cute how the girl was taller? (:

It reminded me of my kindergarten best friend/lover(?) and his brother, hahahahaha!

“All I know since yesterday is everything has changed”


Really like the overall appearance of kwonnie in this award ceremony!

I think he just looked perfect, so handsome with his bright smile! 😀

(Cr: Hosways)

Can’t wait for Despicable Me 2, hahaha! They are so cuteeeeee~

Happy kwon night!! (:

“In a state of happiness (:”


Recently created two new websites that I might continue my blog at, will reveal to you all soon!

I actually like using wordpress, but wouldn’t it be funny that I kept having new wordpress once I reached their media limit? :<

As mentioned, here is my next post on my 2 BFFs’ graduation – Nana and zhenyu’s! (:

Which I went with always freedom_phoon93@hotmail.com, hahaha!


We were listening to Infinite’s songs on our way there! (:

Once again the grad ceremony ended earlier than we expected, why? Hahaha!


Finding our way to their convention centre and spotted a huge crowd with people in grad gown!

It was super crowded and I felt that their venue looks nicer & more modern!

I was still telling mt that I felt slightly regret that I didn’t get in NP, hahaha!

Cause it was my first choice, but I got in my second choice! (:

Still a good one because I get to meet my (awesome 5) year 1 cliques! 😉

Just nice nana’s mum was in this photo, the one in red! Hahaha!



(my E2 girls; the always arguing yet BFFs – Tom & Jerry)

IMG_5444 IMG_5448 IMG_5449 IMG_5447 IMG_5450 IMG_5452

Photos with the grad girls~ (:


Just as me & mt expected, ms chin received a rose on that day! Hahaha! 😉


Mt prank-fully took this photo of me, I think it was quite nice? Hahaha! (:


Spotted our ex-classmate, brenda who also graduated on that day! (:

Why my arms so stiff till it became so macho :< Hahaha!

IMG_5460 IMG_5461

Super coincidentally that one of the girls’ cliques in poly was from my pri school!

I still used to go to her house often during pri school! (:

Come to think of it, why I pri school kept going to my friend’s house? Hahaha!


Too happy to be graduating together, such touching scene~~~ T.T

IMG_5469 IMG_5474 IMG_5475 IMG_5477

Super satisfied with the amt of polariods we took together that day!

Although divided I only get 3 of them but so glad that all of them were so nicely taken!! (:

PS: See the E2 girls second photo for zy’s gloomy face! 😐 Hahaha!




On the way to Timbre with the girls after their grad! (:

Thankfully all of us already knew each other so we had fun together!

IMG_5483 IMG_5484

Beautiful night view of Clarke Quay! (:

Actually all these were taken for nana because they lost their way, hahaha!

IMG_5489 IMG_5487 IMG_5493 IMG_5494 IMG_5492

Food for six that day: Seafood/Duck Pizza + Seafood/Hawaiian Pizza + Calamari Rings + Buffalo Wings! (:

It doesn’t look a lot but is just nice for the 6 of us!

I didn’t ate a lot that day, I think my appetite always not very good when I came here!

I think maybe I don’t really like dim and noisy environment, hahaha!


Drink of the day: Shirley Temple! (:

Thanks to my recommendation, mt& zy had that too! Hahaha!

The 3 other girls had alcoholic drinks which I don’t think I can even finish half of it!

Didn’t really like all of theirs, I preferred kiki’s last time that beer! (Y)

IMG_5486 IMG_5485935323_10151630404789940_1924726595_nIMG_5495 942540_10151630403809940_744188792_n IMG_5496

Photos with the girls!

So funny sheree met mt for the first time yet she tries to “poke” mt’s nose when we took the photo, hahaha!

And mt still dropped her fork on sheree’s foot while we were eating halfway!

Good food, drink and company! (:


Running man never failed to make my week, heehee ^^

It is my most anticipated thing every monday morning, I even tried waking at 6am to watch rm!

You may think I am crazy, I think I am also! Hahaha!

“An episode of running man a week, keeps the trouble of a week away! (:”

Hahaha, actually I have no worries and leading a very carefree life everyday! :p

(Cr: Seouleu)

Hahaha, super ugly kwangsoo cause he sort of like cheated during the game!

So this is the group’s punishment to him!

(Cr: Littlepeacefulrunner)

My bias in rm, garie garie garie~ ^^

(Cr: Sugarphrase)

Hahaha! This mission is to eat sweet potato and not winked!

Yet unlucky gary got a bad potato, why so funny & suay one!

(Cr: Runningman, Myleisuretime)

Heehee, monday couple interaction of the week and poor third wheel, haha! (:


On the same rank with Infinite, I am also a fangirl of B1A4! (:

This is their “Oyasumi Goodnight” and “Beautiful Target” mv, japanese version!

I felt that these mv were better than their korean ones because both have storyline!

Storyline: Jinyoung fell in love with female lead and he wanted to make potions that will let her be attracted to him!

Super cute how he tried to make different potions, experienced on the members and had “unique” effects!

Think that this line is super super super cute!! (:

“Come into my heart.com, ID password, your love”

The lyrics and storyline of the mv is abt a player, who is acted by mt’s favourite, baro!

Super funny that she was sad that her favourite kissed the female lead, hahahaha! *later I got karma* :p

Love how the other members tried their best to help baro to have a perfect date with all the funny & absurd scenarios!

All of them super super super cute, hahaha! (:


The forever laughing, smiling and handsome, maknae-chingu gongchan! (:

Why so cute, still smiling when you are in that pose!

tumblr_mnldh4dJ6H1qimp49o1_1280 tumblr_mnpl0mwcpy1qimp49o1_500 tumblr_mnqsu491Xj1qimp49o1_500 tumblr_mnrk520gHv1sofgwro1_500 tumblr_mnrk520gHv1sofgwro2_500

My cute & handsome leader, jinyoung~ (♥.)

Why so good-looking, hahaha! ^^

(Cr: pygmypieplus)

All the nice things in life which makes life more worthwhile living~ 

Personally think all of it are quite true for me!

My top 3 nice things in the list would be: Late night chats, Exploring new places and Friends laughing! (:

These stars are so so so so beautiful!

Happy kwon night!! (:

“All I know since yesterday is everything has changed”


After my own graduation, I went to attend 3 of my BFFs’ grad! 😀

The first one is kiki’s (one of my TP girls&my blog loyal reader) graduation, with munteng&zenghong!

We sort of estimated the time wrongly and the ceremony ended earlier than expected!


I hope we get to meet up soon, long time never see you! (:

IMG_5387 IMG_5388 IMG_5389 IMG_5391

Photos with the grad girl! (:

They were saying how come my hands looked very long here!


We came with anticipation to eat the refreshments yet there was nth left by the time we reached! :<

Hahaha, at least still got drinks! (:


Therefore, we went to buy my all-time favourite, spicy nuggets!! (:

Felt so happy that I finally get to eat it!

Brought nana to try it for the first time too!

IMG_5395 IMG_5396

Finally managed to take a photo here at the grad ceremony board!

Because we didn’t took any photos here during my grad ceremony! (:

Funny thing is that I was asking someone to help us take photo and munteng left a space right beside kiki for me!

She said “this is our usual spot” like LOL!

We joked that it is because she wants me to put my arm around hers, HAHAHA!


A grp photo at the photobooth! (:

I was carrying a knife and mt is my target! >.< *hehehehehehe*


We had a dinner feast @ IKEA! (:

IMG_5399 IMG_5405 IMG_5407 IMG_5412 IMG_5413IMG_5415IMG_5421IMG_5425IMG_5427 IMG_5424IMG_5428IMG_5416IMG_5418

A series of photos all around IKEA!

It was fun and of course, embarrassing! Hahaha! (:


With the pretty huge purple flower! (:


Mt did it as we requested, hahaha! (:



Me and mt’s favourite boy grp these days – INFINITE!

Because they are such funny, dorky, hardworking and sincere grp of guys!

I even had a playlist with just Infinite + B1A4’s songs! (:

(Cr: Areumdaptaa)

Presenting the Infinite ladies/ahjummas, hahahahahahahahaha!

They all wore wigs on the latest ep of “High Society” acting session! (:

All looking so cute and pretty, hahaha!


My favourite two from the group: L (Kim Myungsoo) + Lee Sungyeol!

I felt that both of them are the best visuals from the grp, so good-looking! ^^

They are my favourite OTP, Myungyeol~ (♥.)

Hahaha, just found out the meaning of OTP few days ago, it meant One True Pair! ^^

(Cr: Sungjong)

Sungyeol who is like a choding (child), always acting dorky!

I love his gum smile! ^^


Infinite’s visual L is always handsome!

Yet he also got a dorky & hilarious side of him being the real Kim Myungsoo! (:

(Cr: Kim91jae)

Dancing Myungsoo~ ^^

(Cr: Pitdae)

Silly Myungsoo, hahahahahahaha! (:

(Cr: Kyuzizi)

Super super super super cute Myungsoo losing the game @ “Weekly Idol”!

Can totally see how much he wanted to win the top-graded korean beef!

Till he was totally disappointed and loses his soul, hahaha! (:

This made him so much more lovable~ 

(Cr: Chandoo)

His blissful expression when he finally got to eat the beef, awww~ ^^

(Cr: Joaegi)

Infinite’s maknae expectation VS reality with teddy bear!

This is seriously so funny and is how maknae treat teddy bear in real life!

He usually used it to vent his anger which I saw it before on Infinite’s Sesame Player! (:

Infinite’s Man in Love, Japanese version! (:

I personally preferred their song in korean& mv in japanese!

Because I felt that the mv is more cutely and beautifully filmed!

Hilarious mt kept asking me to see her favourite woohyun’s super super sharp nose at 2:46!

I think is just the angle but she was so persistent on it, hahaha!

“I just can’t stop loving you~”

(Cr: Sungjongs)

(Cr: Zoyeol)

My favourite two, looking so handsome in the mv~ (♥.)


Have a nice day peeps! ^^

Next post will be up soon, hopefully by today!


Helloooooo! So happy to see that people actually visit this blog! (:

But I might be changing to another website soon because wordpress has limited photo upload capacity!

Will update the new link if there is any changes!

So many overdue posts not yet updated due to lazy illness, so here is one on GUIQIN’S BIRTHDAY! 😀

Untitled IMG_5149

Met up with mt&kiki to bake guiqin’s favourite cookies! (:

We all had fun mixing & baking! ^^

Unfortunately the cookies turned out to be much bigger than expected, but they were still yummy!


Birthday girl with her new wallet! (:

IMG_5287 IMG_5286

That day we decided to have an impromptu food hunting session @ Upper Thomson Road!

There seems to be a lot of nice food around that area, will go back again! ^^

First stop: Little pancakes, the mascots were so kawaii~

We have always been wanting to try it and we finally had it that day! (:


Their menu with sweet, savoury and asian flavoured pancakes to choose from!


We ordered a sweet & a savoury one: Going Nutella for You & Chick and Cheesy! (:

Didn’t expected that both tasted really really good! (Y)

I personally like the savoury one more, think maybe I wasn’t really a sweet tongue person!

Unfortunately, 5 of us shared the 2 plates of pancakes so I felt that I didn’t had enough!

Will definitely visit it again to try more flavours! (:


Second stop: The Roti Prata House!

We visited it due to kiki’s recommendation which also explains the impromptu food-hunt, hahaha! (:

I had very high expectation because of the words “The Best Crispy Prata” :p


My all-time favourite, egg prata! (:

It was really really crispy but also very oily!

IMG_5304 IMG_5301

Third stop: Time for dessert @ U.D.D.E.R.S! (:

Although it seems unbelievable, but it was my first time eating u.d.d.e.r.s!

Always didn’t had the chance to try it!

We were so surprised and happy to see one of our secondary school’s classmate working there! 😉


We spent some time writing on their wall before ordering!

My BFFs! (:


All of us ordered different flavours (from top): Cookies & Cream, Green Tea-rrificSnickers Mars Honeycomb Vanilla, Mao Shan Wang Durian, Mango Sorbet!

Can you guess which one is mine? 😉


Quite excited to see Salted Caramel just beside U.d.d.e.r.s!

It is one of the cafe I wanted to visit!

Will visit it someday for it’s tempting & nice-looking waffles with ice-cream!!! (:


On our way to MRT, we were so happy & excited to spot this playground!

Despite being way over the age-limit, we still decided to play since mum&grandma were also playing! LOL!

We really had a fun & enjoyable 1 hour going back to our childhood times! (:

IMG_5312 IMG_5313 IMG_5314 IMG_5315 IMG_5316

Happy and young at heart us playing flying-fox! (:

It was really fun, although the flying-fox was slightly low for us!

IMG_5324 IMG_5325 IMG_5327 IMG_5333 IMG_5335

Happy times with the girls playing this huge swing! (:


We should had more of this kind of moments together!


Fourth & last stop: Dinner @ The Mind Cafe!

It’s our first time going to a board game cafe and I didn’t expect that we will have so much fun!! (:

IMG_5351 IMG_5364

My main course & dessert: Cheese & Macaroni / Apple Crumble with Vanilla Ice-cream

Well, just one word of advice: Had your meal before going to play! :p

All of us didn’t like our main courses and they didn’t like their desserts too!

I think my apple crumble tasted quite good though, because the crumble was warm! (:


I am so glad all 7 of us still made the effort to meet-up together despite our different & busy schedules~ (:

IMG_5340 IMG_5341 IMG_5342 IMG_5343 IMG_5344 IMG_5345 IMG_5350

Did 1-7 kiyomi with the girls! (:

We were laughing so much at zy’s 6=call me maybe and mt’s 7=loser! :p

IMG_5353 IMG_5354

Heehee, thank you nana for the cute presents from Australia! (:


The few new games we played on that day and really had so so so much fun!! (:

Really thankful to the staff who recommended and taught us how to play the games!

Thanks to the games, we get to see the agitated side of all of us which we seldom see, hahaha!

IMG_5356 IMG_5355

First game: Toss Your Cookies! (4/5)

This aim of this game is to collect 5 cookies of the same type + 1 milk!

And there is this super sian moment when all of us were suppose to re-shuffle all our cards again, hahaha!

It might be slightly confusing at first but we quite fast got the hang of it! (:

IMG_5358 IMG_5357

Second game: Snorta! (3.5/5)

The aim of the game is the person who finishes her deck of cards win!

For this game, what so cute is that all of us will have an animal which represents us and we had to come up with a sound of that animal!

And the two person with the same cards will need to compete who shout the sound of the opponent’s animal first!

Wasn’t really a fan of this game because I found it so hard to rmb the other’s sound!

All of us had the symptom of frozen for a few seconds and anyhow blah the sound, hahaha! :p

IMG_5360 IMG_5361

Third game: Monkey monkey(?) (3/5)

Sadly, the game wasn’t as excited as we expected!

The aim of the game is that the person with the most number of monkeys lose!

You can see a photo of our loser for this game, so funny!

Some of us managed to get zero monkey, bravo! (:



Fourth game: Ugly Dolls! (4.5/5)

I became a fan of this game after playing because it was really very fun! (:

The aim of the game is the person with the most monster cards win!

All of us were suppose to open 1 card one by one, and when there is 3 cards of the same, we need to place our hand on the cards while shouting “Ugly ugly” to claim the card!

Hahaha, there were some monsters which looked so similar to each other!


Fifth game: Know! (3.5/5)

It wasn’t an exciting game, just a game of knowledge and English ability!

The aim of the game is the person with the most number of circle cards win!

Basically you just need to think of any word related to the topic and starts with the respective letter and you will get one circle card!


Sixth and last game: Durian! (4.5/5)

Didn’t expect it to be such a fun game! I think this is the most exciting game we had that day! (:

It even resulted to me losing my voice the next day because I shouted too loudly, hahaha!

The aim of the game is to collect 9 durian cards of the same colour & grab a bone! The other players upon seeing it must immediately grab a bone too and the player with no bone would be the loser!

It is actually a very simple game but we played until really like a market, because you need to exchange with each other the cards!

Some of us got so agitated that they banged the table, so hilarious! :p

Feels like someone gonna flipped the table if we were to play again next time, hahaha!


I randomly thought that her OOTD looks like she is wearing seat belt and it became a joke we kept laughing abt!

Heehee, driver chin~ :p

IMG_5369 IMG_5372

We had such a hard time forcing mt to take a photo with us because she just refused to!

See her expression when both of us were trying to hug her, hahaha! (:


Enjoyed this week’s rm with the two handsome guests~ ♥

Hope they come again soon, it was a good & funny ep with them! Can feel that they work really hard for the ep! (:

(Cr: Runningzoo, Runnningman)

Didn’t watch his drama before but Lee Hyun Woo is seriously so real & cute!!!

Totally became his fan after watching the ep, such a cutie! ^^

(Cr: Kpopcorngifs)

Not forgetting, Kim Soo Hyun, who I am a fan of!

He is so handsome and some of his actions were quite cute, hahaha! (:

I am surprised that he is super super super good in sports!

(Cr: Betraybetray)

Our Asian Flower Prince! (:

Omg so jealous that rm is going to Malaysia to have their first fanmeet :<

(Cr: Sugarphrase)

I was so shocked to see jihyo wearing Leessang’s hat! (Leessang is gary’s rap group)

Ended up to be a mistake but it is still cute, heehee! (:


Watched “Introduction to Architecture” today, mainly because of Suzy & Han Ga In! (:

This is the movie which gave Suzy the title of “National’s First Love”!

Which I totally agreed because she looks super beautiful in the movie!! 😀

Quite surprised to see Jinwoon’s wife, Go Jun Hee acted as male lead’s fiancee!

It had quite a normal first love storyline but I like the realness and sweetness of it! (:

Quite sad to see how a misunderstanding ruined the chance of two person being a couple!

A lot of fans complained abt the ending but I think it is more true to real because we don’t always have happy ending in real life!

(Cr: Scherzi)

The 4 main casts of the movie, which depicts the youth & adulthood of the characters! (:

I think young male lead really looks like Pan Weibo, many fans thought so too!

(Cr: Sorensenii)

Suzy and male lead were really cute and sweet together!! (:

See how beautiful the house from the movie was! (:

I love especially that window which can see the amazing seaview!

Quite cool that the house have been converted into a cafe after the movie!

I hope to visit it if we are going to Jeju Island for our next year’s Korea trip! 😀

(Cr: Sherryberryx)


Heehee, happy kwon night~ ^^

Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo! ♥


As my BFFs will know, ISWAK has always been my all-time favourite drama! (:

Love the drama so much that I lost count of how many times I’ve rewatch the drama!

Really LOVE the funny storyline and the cutest casts ♥♥♥


The first japan version of the drama was in 1996 which was more than 10 years ago!

So I am super happy to know that there is a japanese remake 2013 version of the drama! (:

Already catch up the drama and dislike the feeling of  waiting for the next ep!

Despite having the same story line, the way the story is carried out, the different way it is filmed & venues of the scene still makes me super anticipate for the next episode!

I think this version might be the best version ever, but tw version will always be my ultimate favourite~ 

Some of my favourite scenes from the drama:

(Cr: Paper-box)

“Comfortable distance” (:

(Cr: Paper-box)


(Cr: Paper-box)

Omo yah, isn’t irie-kun’s smile super cute~ (♥. ♥)

This is my ultimate favourite~ 

Just a word of “do your best” yet I can feel the touch kotoko will have! (:

(Cr: Kekeyz)

Super super super cute pairing! (:

200% unbelievable that the female lead is only 16 years old!!! :O

Doesn’t she looks very mature? Although her version of kotoko is really funny&cute!

This video sums up why this drama is awesome~ ^^


Felt really blissful writing this post~

Heehee, happy kwon night!!! ^^

“People change their minds.You hate someone today but tomorrow you might like that person.”

Peiming 21th! :D

Peiming’s 21th birthday just nice fall on the same day as our graduation!

Heehee, I think it would definitely be a memorable day for her! (:

I was quite excited for her birthday because it is the first 21th birthday that I had attended!

And it had been so long since I last attended a chalet! Woohoo~

IMG_5201 IMG_5203

Three agents met-up after lunch/before chalet to complete a secret mission! (:

Which is to buy a huge 21th balloon for our birthday girl!

So glad that she seems really happy to have the balloon that day, heehee ^^


Backview of prettily-dressed yeobo going to “fight” with that balloon!

Hahaha, doesn’t her backview looked so fierce~ :p


Although the balloon is really nice and cute, it is really a burden for us especially on the peak-hour/crowded MRT!

Hahaha, with kpo people kept staring at us! (:


Both me&sn were carrying the balloon on MRT and we totally can’t see each other!

Hahaha, cute sn popping out~ ^^

IMG_5216 IMG_5219 IMG_5220 IMG_5221

All of us took a photo with the 21th balloon before the popular demand of the balloon starts, hahaha! (:


Our spread of buffet dinner that day!

It was really really delicious and I enjoyed my dinner, heehee ^^

IMG_5225 IMG_5224

Talented maknae, wanwen buy/add-on this 21th birthday card!

It was really nicely decorated! (:

But unfortunately, all of us had a hard time squeezing our birthday messages in small column!

IMG_5249 IMG_5251

The biggest birthday cake I’ve even seen and it was so beautiful too! (:

Spot the silver key, wasn’t it suppose to be golden key? Hahaha!


The beautiful birthday girl in white dress! (:

IMG_5276 IMG_5275

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEIMING, my first ever friend in poly! 😀

Super sweet of her to bend down while taking photo with me (i didn’t request)~ 

Hahaha, wanwen even took photo of the “expectation” VS “actual”!


A big group photo of the HTMers with the birthday girl! (:


Finally a complete group photo for the day! (:

It is super nice (♥.♥)

IMG_5256 IMG_5257 IMG_5259 IMG_5262 IMG_5266 IMG_5272 IMG_5273

Took individual shots with the girls! (:

I felt like it was my 21th birthday, hahaha!

So soon it gonna be next year~ :< :>

IMG_5234 IMG_5227 IMG_5267 IMG_5278

Group photos with the girls~ 

Although it wasn’t my birthday, I still enjoyed myself that day! (:

Just completed a japanese movie today, it is called “Heavenly Forest”/Tada, kimi wo aishiteru!

It is also one of the manga to movie, the usual nice, heart-warming and touching one! (:

The ending was quite unexpected though!

Farewell always arrive before the realization of our feelings


My sunshine oppa with zzz gaga~ 

Loving his smile here! (:

Happy kwon night!!

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