Just a kiss ♥

The wind blows, so I think of you…

“All I know since yesterday is everything has changed”

Heehee, decided to have one of Taylor Swift new song’s lyric as my title!

Gonna post abt all the meet-up I had with my favourite people for the last 3 weeks!

Didn’t realised it was so long since I catch-up to blog abt my current life! (:



 I went to play badminton with my two E2 girls! (:


I think it was the most shocking news I’ve ever received because I was totally sure I couldn’t get in!

Guess lesser the expectation, greater the happiness!

Was really really elated about getting in, along with so many of my friends!



I am super satisfied with the newly painted sport hall because it is my favourite, purpleeeeeee~ 😀


We all agreed on wearing E2 class tee because it has been in our wardrobe for so long!

But it ended with me being the only one wearing because they forgot!

This shows what a loyal person I am, hahaha! (:


IMG_5507 IMG_5506

I went Bugis with miss.P to shop for office wear!

Even though I didn’t managed to get any office job because I will be going oversea in July!

But I am happy with my buySSS of the day, hahaha!

Heehee, we were also so coincidental and fated to see guiqin there!

Satisfied our cravings @ Itacho Sushi for our brunch! (:


Super coincidentally that Wilber Pan was having a fan-meet session @ Bugis Junction!

And I get to see him for awhile while waiting for nana!

He was really good-looking in real life & his smile is charming!!! (:






Had dinner @ Porn’s, which is opened by my mum’s favourite idol, Pornsak! Hahaha! (:

We ordered: Kangkong Belachan, Stir-fried Pork with Basil Leaves, Tom Yum Soup with Coconut & Red ruby with Vanilla Ice-cream!

Spot the cute rice in elephant shape too, hahaha!

Had a really bloated dinner & overall it tasted quite good too!




We had dinner @ Just Acia before going for our ladies’ night!

It was super funny that innocent mt had the thinking that ladies’ night means only ladies can enter the venue, hahahahahahahaha!

My Teriyaki Chicken Aglio Olio! (:

IMG_5566 IMG_5567

The super super beautiful sunset in 2 different point of view! (:

Luckily we managed to capture it because it disappear just in less than a few minutes!

Passerby were all staring at us because all of us were taking photos of it at the same time!


Initially, our plan was to have our ladies’ night @ The Mind Cafe!

However, we were slightly disappointed that ladies’ night was no longer in place since last week! :<

Nonetheless, we still stayed on and had 3 hours of board games!

I felt that it wasn’t as fun as the first time we played together, maybe it is the more the merrier! (:


First game: True colours! (3/5)

Just like what is written on the cover, it is simply a game whereby one have 2 votes to vote for the most suitable friend, based on the question selected!

It will be anonymous and you can’t vote for yourself!

After voting, you will need to guess whether you will have the most number of votes, middle votes or zero vote!

You can’t play it for too long because I feel that it gets boring overtime!

It will be a game whereby you get to understand how your friends think of you! (:

For most of the questions, mt & zh got most votes, hahaha!

IMG_5571 IMG_5570

Second game: A la Carte! (2/5)

Personally think that it is quite a childish and time-consuming game whereby you need to cook 5 perfect dishes!

To perfect each dish, you will need to complete the requirements on the recipe!

Quite sorry that the staff spent quite a long time to teach us yet we only play for 10 mins and changed game! :p

Because we find no interest in a game like this, hahaha!


Third game: Jungle Speed! (4/5)

It is a super fun and highly recommended game! (:

The aim of the game is to finish the cards ASAP, the concept of the game is slightly similar to the “Ugly Dolls”

Players will open one card at a time and the two person with the same card will need to immediately grab the yellow toy!

The winner will then passed on her/his deck to the loser!

PS: Some cards have shapes that is really really really similar, hahaha!

There is also a card whereby the round will be judged by “same colour”

A couple joined us for this game & it was slightly awkward but we still had fun together! (:


Our fourth & last game: Spot it! (3.5/5)

It is a very simple game whereby the person that losses his/her deck lose!

One card will have 7-8 items on it and you will need to find 1 same item on any one of the player’s card and shout “____ spot it” to get her/his card! (:


IMG_5583 IMG_5582

I went to the Food Fair @ Expo with mt! (:

She had a bloated lunch so we didn’t ate much!

We only had super yummy 10 for $3 dodo fried food & I also had a bowl of Penang laksa!

Quite sad that the stalls were mainly selling products instead of food-to-go kind!


After dinner, we chilled out @ Changi Point’s Starbucks!

I ordered my usual Green Tea Frap & hers was Java Chips which was nice too!

Chit-chat about many things and also fangirl on our oppas, hahaha! (:

Can’t wait for our next year’s oversea trip to SEOUL~ 



Had Japanese buffet brunch with mt @ Momiji, City Square outlet! (:

As both of us are craving for salmonsssssss, heehee!

It was quite affordable @ $25.50 Nett!

IMG_5595 IMG_5598 IMG_5604

This was what we took for our first round and I think it looks like we didn’t eat alot, hahaha!

I think my personal favourite from this buffet would be: Chawanmushi, Salmons and the ICE-CREAMS! ^^

I really love the tea too! I drank 4 cups of it and mt had 3 cups, hahaha! It tasted refreshing! (:

The rest of the food were average but acceptable for the price we paid!

 Buffet is normally where we get to see ugly behaviours of human! :<

We had such a hard time taking salmons because it will be cleared by the time we reached the counter!

Saw a guest taking one plate full of salmons, so self-fish…

IMG_5602 IMG_5603IMG_5597 IMG_5605

Super happy and satisfied us with the Haagen-Dazs Ice-cream!

All four flavours were REALLY REALLY REALLY NICE: Green-tea, Rum&Raisins, Macadamia nuts and Dark Chocolate! 😀

Both of us were so in love with the ice-cream, hahaha!

Mt’s favourite was the Green-tea & Mine was the Rum&Raisins + Dark Chocolate! Super shiok!! (:



IMG_5623 IMG_5624

I went to my uncle’s new house-warming which they had moved from Bedok to Hougang area! (:

It was like a 20 minutes walking distance from my house now, heehee!



Met up with mt early in the morning for McDonald breakfast! (:


Then we met up with nana & zh for a bicycle trip from Hougang > Rivervale > Punggol!

All of us except for zh, really had a hard time because of the far distance!

I think words really can’t describe the hardship we went through, you need to experience to feel it! :<

I realised on that day that a good bike really matters! ! ! ! ! !

I borrowed mt’s bike and the speed was slow + the seat was SUPER SUPER SUPER UNCOMFORTABLE! :<

All of them tried riding the bike and verified that it was the bike’s fault, hahaha!

Three of us couldn’t take it and parked our bikes outside zh’s house for the time being!

I went home with sores on my legs and butt which lasted for the whole night and the next day! T.T

IMG_5630 IMG_5631 IMG_5632 IMG_5633 IMG_5634 IMG_5642 IMG_5635

On our way back, it was drizzling so we stop by @ the shelter under the high-way!

Took some random group photos while waiting for the rain to stop!

As you all can see, miss.p is a very good actress! Hahaha!

These photos reminded me of the good old days we had, 那些年~Hahaha! (:

IMG_5643 IMG_5644 IMG_5645 IMG_5646

Despite the hard time we had, I still had fun with the girls! (:

PS: See mt and her cute tiny little bike, hahahahahaha!

We laughed at her because at some point in time, she looked like delivery girl, lol!


The beautiful pinkish sky taken on one of the evening! (:

IMG_5653 IMG_5651 IMG_5652

Last friday, I had a late brunch with my mum @ Song Fa Bak Gut Teh! (:

Always wanted to try and finally get to eat it!

Overall it tasted quite good & will go back again next time!

IMG_5655 IMG_5659 IMG_5660 IMG_5661

Met up with yeobo after her work for dinner @ 49 Seats! (:

Had a good two hours of dinner + chit-chat session with her!

Let’s meet up again for The Group Therapy Cafe, hahaha!


Our shared main course: Fish & Chip + Tom Yum Pasta! (:

I was so anticipating to try the Tom Yum Pasta because I am a Tom Yum lover!

It tasted quite similar to laksa, slightly sourish and quite spicy!

Overall I think the Fish & Chip tasted quite normal but the Tom Yum Pasta was quite unique!


My mum ate McDonald for dinner that day just to buy me this cute Red Riding Hood Kitty because she knew I wanted it!

Heehee, so cute that it looked like superman when you removed the red hood! (:

Was feeling so touched & blissful after knowing it! :’)


(Cr: Asamikane)

This week’s Love in Tokyo is so sweet and cute! ^^

This version’s storyline seems slightly different and I didn’t really like the changes, though the main scenes were still there!

It seems more to be the straight to the important scene kind of feel!

Still love this version but I think I preferred tw’s slow pace storyline which shows the whole picture! (:

(Cr: Dramafever)

Can’t wait for next ep because it would be my most anticipated ep on Christmasssssss! (:

Another sweet ep to look forward!

Dislike how each ep is only an hour and we need to wait for one more week! :<


Yesterday, I submitted a message for InspiritSG’s project for my favourite member, Sungyeol’s birthday!

I had no idea why I felt so nervous while writing his birthday message!

Maybe is because it was my first time writing? Maybe I have the thinking that he might read it? But maybe not since he will be receiving so many presents!

Anyway, I tried my best finding the translation in hangul & I wrote it with my heart, so I hope he will read it! (:

생일축하합니다,성열오빠♥ (Happy birthday, Sungyeol oppa~♥)

Your presence in Infinite is really important, thank you for always bringing laughter for Inspirit! Love your 초딩image, 오빠사랑해~♥ (Love your kid image, Oppa Saranghaeyo~♥)

화이팅오빠,화이팅INFINITE,명열영원히∞~♥ (Oppa hwaiting, Infinite hwaiting, Myungyeol forever∞~♥)

You are the best, keep smiling! ^^



Despite being just an 4 months Inspirit (Infinite’s fanclub name), I am still super touched by the mv!

I am so proud of all the hardwork, time, sweats and tears you all had gone through to come so far today! :’)

Being one of the most hardworking idol group, you all deserved all the wins and loves!! (:

I am sure I will be a fan as long as you guys are there, Infinite forever~ ∞


Seriously can’t wait and totally anticipating for it! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

The thought of listening to all my favourite song and seeing my favourite members, I don’t think I can sleep tonight! Hahaha! (: *I think I might faint on the day of concert, hahahaha*

One thing I am sure: I definitely won’t be clueless about which songs are they singing (for the CNBLUE’s concert I’ve attended) because I know most Infinite’s songs, heehee ^^


“Only tears” by Infinite! (:

This is my favourite ballad song by them, since their songs are mostly dance track!

This song is so sincere and the lyrics are touching!

Despite being a dance group, I felt that all of them can sing! (♥.)

Even the 2 rappers sang well too! So proud of them, hahaha! (:

“Missing you”

Infinite’s leader, Sunggyu solo album title song, “60 seconds”

Their newest album had a group version of this song and I prefer that version, though both also sounds good since the song is nice, hahaha! (:

My favourite member, the visual in Infinite, L is the male lead of this mv!

As usual, so good-looking!! (♥.) (♥.) (♥.)

I don’t know why but the female lead from some angle looked slightly like gain! (:

 I got my karma for laughing at mt because L kissed female lead’s cheek at this MV, just like how her favourite B1A4’s Baro kissed female lead’s cheek in one of their japanese PV! :<

Really love the song’s lyrics because it make sense & it is also sweet! (:

“60 seconds is enough for this story”


This is Taylor Swift’s new song, “Everything has changed” featuring Ed Sheeran!

As usual a great song and the MV is so cute & sweet, isn’t it cute how the girl was taller? (:

It reminded me of my kindergarten best friend/lover(?) and his brother, hahahahaha!

“All I know since yesterday is everything has changed”


Really like the overall appearance of kwonnie in this award ceremony!

I think he just looked perfect, so handsome with his bright smile! 😀

(Cr: Hosways)

Can’t wait for Despicable Me 2, hahaha! They are so cuteeeeee~

Happy kwon night!! (:

“In a state of happiness (:”


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