Just a kiss ♥

The wind blows, so I think of you…

“The closer you think you are, the less you actually see”

Annyeong~ ^^

Last week was quite a fulfilling one because I didn’t laze at home and instead, I went out on all weekdays!

Need to start planning for my family trip to TW (once again) this July soon! Heeheehee ^^



Cycling + Collect TW’s free gifts + Kbox!

We went to take back our bikes from zh’s house, so this was a cycle trip from Rivervale > Hougang!

It wasn’t that tiring as compared to last monday’s torturous cycling trip, hahaha!

I didn’t even had any ache on the next day, which was a miracle one! (:

I think it is because of the route we took, it was a smoother & faster one!

But mt made me felt that she’s dying, can still rmb her hilarious, out-of-breathe: “不要跟我讲话~~~”


Met up with mt to have roti prata @ Hougang Ave 8!

I arrived a few minutes after our met-up time & realised she was still at home…

So it ended up that her roti prata arrived before her, hahaha!

She gets very paranoid now as an auntie on that day commented that she thought mt wasn’t Singaporean and she felt really offended, hahahahahaha!

Put all these aside, this roti prata is serious the BEST!!! 😀

To the extend that both of us even added another plain prata, hahaha! (Y)

Awesome breakfast, best way to start the day! (:

IMG_5679IMG_5674 IMG_5675

Went to collect the free gifts for my TW trip, which were one-way coach ticket to the city + buy 1 get 1 free voucher to one of the theme park in Taipei! (:

Then we had a super impromptu kbox session!

As it wasn’t 2pm yet, we laze at Artease and shared our current favourite, honey greentea!

It was really shiok and cooling, especially to drink it on such a humid weather! 😀


We went to the kbox @ Orchard Cineleisure!

Super happy that right outside our room, 柯震东 is looking at us!

And beside got 小鬼 also, hahaha! (:

This kbox session was an enjoyable one because we sang like 50% korean songs!

Hahaha, we selected like almost all songs from 2AM, B1A4 and INFINITE!

Staffs, guests might be wondering what is wrong with us, hahaha!

Kind of sad song new songs like “What’s going on” and “Man in Love” not out yet! :<

I personally think the best korean song we sang is “Be mine” by Infinite!

We seems to know their whole chorus unlike other songs which we mumbled through, hahaha!

This is our first time singing “Come back again” by Infinite!

But it was so addictive and chorus were quite easy to sing too, mostly repeat “Come back again~”

Hahaha! So we ended up singing this again for our last song! (:

PS: This is their debut song when they looked so young!!



Lunch + Movie + Dinner!


We went to see the movie “Now you see me”

Didn’t expected it but the movie super awesome!!! (Y)(Y)(Y)

I think it was one of the best movie I’ve ever seen! (:

It is a movie that comprises of Magic, Action, Comedy, Romance and a twist!

Without further ado, here is the movie trailer!

“The closer you think you are, the less you actually see”

This is a quote which I believed in! Just like “当局者迷,旁观者清“

I felt that we should step back to see the whole picture, and not have bias judgement based on just what we see! (:


My last post was just mentioning abt it and we had dinner again @ Song Fa Bak Gut Teh!

This time I finally get to eat my Youtiao but it wasn’t as nice as I expected! :<

We had the pork tenderloin soup which I think was really nice because the meat was easy to chew! (:

IMG_5686 IMG_5688 IMG_5690

Photos with the girls! (:

Phone addict, mt STILL playing candy-crush, hahaha!


On our way to find the “Settlers’ Cafe”, we spotted this super authentic and old korean convenience store!

It was so different from the shopping mall’s korean store!

All items they sold were imported from korea and I found it to be so awesome-ly cool!!! (:

Always wanted to try this ice-cream because I saw it before in WGM and I thought that I can only eat it in Seoul!

 But I was disappointed because it was way too sweet for me! :< and this costed $2.80!

It was still worth it as it fulfilled my all-time want-to-try chart! (:

IMG_5694IMG_5693IMG_5692 After half an hour of walking round and round, we finally found The Settlers’ Cafe!

It was quieter than expected and we decided to come another day because there wasn’t much time left for us to play!

It overall looks like there is really a lot of games to play!

And I am quite looking forward to visit someday! (:



Trip to TP + Lunch!

Went back to TP for some uni procedures and I find that I didn’t really miss school, hahaha! (:

IMG_5699 IMG_5700 IMG_5701

Had lunch with mt at our favourite, Itacho Sushi @ T3!

Super satisfied salmon craving, happygirl93! ^^

We went to find zh&sn for awhile to chit-chat with them during their lunch break!

And I had a super panicked moment when I realised I left the tops I just bought at their staff canteen!




Lunch + Muah chee making session!

Met up with mt to have lunch and bought ingredients to make muah chee! (:


Was super tempted to make it after seeing Esselle’s photo on instagram!

And since muah chee is my favourite pasar malam’s food, apart from tu tu kueh! (:

It wasn’t too difficult to make, so ta-da my successful final product!

I think it tasted okay but it had negative feedbacks from my family, hahaha! :<



Brunch + Movie + Class dinner!

IMG_5714 IMG_5717 IMG_5718

Had brunch with my lovely primary school besties @ Tiong Bahru Bakery, Raffles City outlet!

Coincidentally 3 of us wore traffic light colours, super cool!

Good afternoon, eating & laughing & chit-chatting with them! (:

I had croissant & apple crumble and I think their croissant were good!

But my friends both didn’t like their desserts because it was too sweet/too sour, hahaha!

IMG_5719 IMG_5720 IMG_5722

Due to yt’s recommendations, me&sx shared this box of molten lava cakes!

Flavours: Pistachio, Oreo White Chocolate, Extreme Chocolate (70%)

It is supposed to be eaten when it is warm, but we ate it at night so it was cold!

I don’t really like the extreme choco because it was super bitter!

But one of my friend who tried really love it, so I guess it depends on personal preference!

I felt that all 3 wasn’t really to my liking,  but the Oreo White Chocolate is the best! (:

Friends of mine will know that I am not really a fan of horror movie!

But I went to watch this thai horror, comedy, romance movie “Pee-Mak” with sx before our class dinner!

It is really a super super super funny movie which I think comedy > horror!

Being someone who is scared of horror movie, I felt that this movie wasn’t really scary!

The ending were quite touching to the extent that some girls in the cinema cried!

To say the truth, male lead is part of the reason why I agreed in watching this movie!

Hahaha, because I really like his movie “A little thing called love” (:


I just entered the monster university, hahaha!

Didn’t watch their movie before but the trailer looks nice & funny! (:

IMG_5723 IMG_5724 IMG_5725

Had a great class dinner with my favourite group of classmates @ Just Acia!

Love how we always seem to go back to our secondary school days when we are together! (:

And I realised all of us smiled with our teeths, hahaha so cute!

Poor mt became our joke of the day because she’s late for 30 minutes, hahaha!

Super coincidentally, we saw both yn & gq at dhoby ghaut! Wasn’t it super cool, hehe! ^^


“Race Start” in Hong Kong, Running Man first-ever fanmeet!

This is the first time a korean variety show had fanmeet in other countries!

Although not all members can make it, 4/7 members can attend is not bad too! (:

I am feeling super jealous and hope they will come SG too!!! ^^

I find that the way the members speak cantonese is super cute & can feel that they really love HK!


(Cr: Loveableoneman)

This week’s rm ep was on my super anticipated, “The Avengers” (:

But I was actually disappointed after watching because I felt that it would be an super awesome ep WITHOUT ANY GUESTS!

What is the purpose of having an ep on The Avengers yet the guest is winning! :/

Thankfully there gonna be another part 2 ep on it soon and hopefully it would be good!

Running Man ep150 - Kwangsoo &amp; Jaesuk

(Cr: Kpopcorngifs)

Puppy kwangsoo? Hahaha!

(Cr: Howon)

Kwangsoo forever so poor thing & funny, hahaha!

(Cr: Kpopcorngifs)

My favourite monday couple~ (♥.)

I felt that they were really real in this ep, kekeke! ^^

(Cr: Littlepeacefulrunner)

Spiderman (Spider garie) & Black Widow (Black Mong)

See the same expression they have on their faces! (:

(Cr: Littlepeacefulrunner)

Rm’s Idols Olympic Part 2 is the ep where I start to have interest in L Kim Myungsoo! 😉

And went to watch all the variety shows of Infinite, heehee!


(Cr: lkim holic)


Myungyeol is real, heehee! ^^

(Cr: Zoyeol)

My favourite OTP – Myungyeol couple!! (♥.)

The super close BFF who is always so cute, sweet & loving together!

I don’t feel weird seeing them so close, instead I am more than happy to see it!

Hahaha, am I weird? Mt agrees with what I think too! 2 weirdos, hahaha!


“傻笑” by 周杰倫&袁詠琳!

I think this is a nice duet song! (:

Me & mt tried singing at kbox and our voice don’t seen to match during chorus, hahaha!

“大笨鐘” by 周杰倫!

This is a very cute song! English translation of the title it meant “Big Ben” (:


Love especially the part they played golf!

They counted in korean “1,2..” HAHAHA 😀

(Cr: Despicable-me)


CAN’T WAIT TO SEE IT IN CINEMA, I might be watching it twice with my mum&my BFFs! (:

“Some memories is always so unforgettable!”


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