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The wind blows, so I think of you…

Infinite sweethearts! ∞

Recently, Infinite’s leader, Sunggyu was stir up in a controversy due to a comment he made in a variety show!

This incident made me realised how mean netizens can be, all the negative words they are using against him & Infinite! :<

He have already officially apologised & can see that he was really hurt by this incident since he deleted all of his previous tweets & left only his apologise one!

Maybe I was a fan, but I felt that everything was over reacted since he said it for entertainment purposes and the producers of the show also came out to verify that it wasn’t his fault. as you know variety show are mostly scripted!

Nonetheless, Kim Sunggyu fighting~ ♥

(Cr: Callmechodingboy)tumblr_moyivqZGD11qe8i3fo1_500 tumblr_modsf8KsGz1qewtmpo1_500

(Cr: Addicted-to-drama)

This line from the drama, Reply 1997 really reflects my mind well!

I think I put most of my attention on Infinite recently; listening to their songs, watching videos of them on yt;  hundreds of reblogs on them on tumblr!

The opening for Infinite’s variety show “Ranking King”

I felt that this short video really reflects the personality of Infinite; always so heart-warming! (:

(Cr: Jiyeol)

Guess they are the only few kpop idol groups who are really humble & kind-hearted!

The Idol Olympics Championship ended at 4AM yet they still stayed back to clean up the venue!

This is why I love them~ ♥

(Cr: Lotsofkpopgifs)

(Cr: Hyunjooong)

This is their famous & signature scorpion dance!

Always amazed & impressed seeing them do this dance, super cool! (:

Additional GIF featuring Infinite’s visual, L!


(Cr: Sojun)

Leader, Kim Sunggyu!

Hamster lookalike, with a pair of 1cm eyes (hahaha) but I think this is also his best feature! (:

(Cr: Lotsofkpopgifs)

Rapper, Jang Dongwoo!

The most angelic, humble & kind member! One of my bias in Infinite~ ♥

(Cr: Oceansdrowned)

Main vocal, Nam Woohyun aka greasy nam! (PMT’s favourite)

Had a very sweet tongue and always doing cheesy things to member + fans! (:

One of my bias from Infinite too~ ♥

(Cr: Lotsofkpopgifs)

Sassy Hoya

(Cr: Ksgyu)

Rapper, Hoya!

He is the first member I know from Infinite from the drama, Reply 1997!

On the same world with me, a super fan of the colour purple! (:


(Cr: Purinpop)

Vocal, Lee Sungyeol! (My favourite!)

A very childish, young-at-heart, sweet, kind-hearted and funny member!

That super cute smile of his when fan shouted that she wanted to marry him and he replied cannot, hahaha!

And his panicked face while asking fans to be careful of the cars and asked them to go home! Awww~ ^^

(Cr: Zoyeol)

He is now at overseas filming Law of the Jungle which he will be filming for around 2 weeks?

Be safe, come back soon, missed you~ ♥

(Cr: Lotsofkpopgifs)

(Cr: Y3ol)

130609 L’s Bravo Viewtiful Fan Sign Event© lkimholic | do not edit/crop/remove the watermark.

(Cr: Inftsoo)

Vocal & Visual of Infinite, Kim Myungsoo L!

A 2 sided guy, L (super cool & handsome); Myungsoo (Clingy, Silly, Bad-tempered)

Used to be my favourite then I read rumors of him being a playboy & is dating this female idol who I don’t really like…

Mentally shocked & accepted the “facts” after a sleepless night, hahaha!

Still felt slightly regret to be a kpo & went to google his rumors! :<

still one of my bias in Infinite though~ ♥

(Cr: Lotsofkpopgifs)

Maknae, Lee Sungjong!

He is of the same age as me, so he is my chingu! (hahaha)

Had a pretty face + girly voice + good in act-cute, but he also have his manly side! (:

Saw rumors of him dating this girl group member too and I was ultra shocked because I didn’t expect that they would be together!



(Cr: Ccristinajeann)

Felt slightly funny because I haven’t finish updating my TW grad trip this April,

yet I am going to TW again with my family this July!

Will update soon when I come back~ ^^



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