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New beginnings!

tumblr_mlza32YVAt1qbuygto1_500Moved on to: http://infinityxtimes.wordpress.com/! (:



Dislike how everything changes :<

My graduation! :D

So happy that I finally graduated after 3 years of hard work! (:

This three years really zoomed by too fast that I couldn’t really feel the realness of the graduation!

Time to move on to next chapter of my life, university!

It was quite cool that our grad ceremony was the first session for the year, along with our sister course, CCM!

A slight regret is that I was late for the ceremony because I went to have breakfast with my family and we didn’t managed to catch a cab! :<

Ended up being in the late-comers grp and couldn’t get to sit in the auditorium during the ceremony!

Quite funny & fated that on my first day of school, I was also late and ended up in another auditorium, different from my classmates!

Felt like my orientation was only ytd, memories still quite clear (:

Put sad things apart, glad that I OFFICIALLY GRADUATED! ^^


That night before, took a photo with my bro in my grad gown because he wouldn’t attend my grad ceremony!

So funny he is still wearing our secondary school PE tee, hahaha!

Okay, I wore it sometimes too :p




Photos with my national day’s red & white tee parents~ 

Slightly sad that I spent such a long time looking for them after the grad ceremony & didn’t managed to take more photos with my coursemates! :<











With the girls that built up my 3 years of memories; classmates & projectmates~ 

Thanks to them for bringing joy during our stress project times and really enjoyed working with them! (:





With my girls from year 1.1 to now and forever!

(Regret that peiming left early and we didn’t managed to take a photo together :<)

I think they are the best thing (friendship) I’ve ever gotten in my 3 years of poly life~ 

It is cool how we still managed to stay in contact to have meet-up and etc, despite being in different classes and lecture grps!

Orientation > Year 1 Projectmates > Australia Trip > Outings > Birthday Celebrations > Graduation

And all the many many things that we’ve gone through together, so glad to meet you all! (:

Looking forward to my university days with you girls too!


Last but not the least, zenghong who graduated with me from secondary school to polytechnic!

And soon to the same university! (:

7 years of knowing each other and I am glad to have you with me~ 







All the other kiyomi photos we took using the free photo-booth, hehe ^^

I think all photos are looking great, so cute! (:


After our graduation ceremony, went to have peranakan lunch with zh&mt @ Tampinese Mall! (:

It wasn’t that bad but perhaps I will not try it again because it wasn’t to my liking!


As that day was super super super humid, went to had cold dessert with mt! (:

Tried mango sago with pomelo for the first time and it really tasted super shiok and cooling!

Thank you munteng for making the effort to join us for lunch after our grad ceremony although you don’t dare to come down to tp to find us by yourself!

Both zh&I were actually slightly sad that none of our friends came down during our ceremony! :<


Two weeks ago, I baked a butter cake for my mum because she seems to be craving for it!

Although it was my first time baking, I am glad it turns out well! (:


Happy mother’s day to my adorable mum! 😉

Glad she enjoyed eating the cake, heehee ^^

启程 by Fanfan 范伟琪! (:

This is a song which TW students always sang during graduation!

“想到达明天 现在就要启程”

proxy (1)

Have a nice dayyyyyyyy~ ^^

Next post will be up soon by today!

“Somethings don’t last forever”

Taiwan Trip Day 6: Taipei 101 + East Metro Mall + Taipei Metro Mall + Shida Night Market! :D

Helloooooooo, my last post felt like so so so long ago!

Lazy bum symptom strikes again which explains why I wasn’t blogging :p

These few days I’ve been going to my BFF’s graduation & also going out!

Will update abt them as soon as possible!

And it is time to continue with my Taiwan Trip Day 6! (:

IMG_3484 IMG_3490

Our OOTD and cute matching polka dot socks to tackle the cool (& missed) weather!

IMG_3494 IMG_3500 IMG_3504 IMG_3508

On our way to Taipei 101! (:

It was cool that we took a totally different route this time as compared to my last year’s trip!

This is more like the business area of Taipei!

IMG_3497 IMG_3501 IMG_3502

Some photos taken along the way! (:

IMG_3510 IMG_3512 IMG_3516

Taipei 101 spotted from far far away! (:


It was cool that we spotted this bicycle rental along the way!

However, the weather that day was seriously too cold&windy that we didn’t feel like cycling!

Would want to try it next time! (:

IMG_3521 IMG_3522 IMG_3523

We didn’t have the intention to visit the attraction since it was quite expensive!

So this is with Taipei 101 first level signal, hahaha! (:


The area outside Taipei 101 was super super super windy & chilling that afternoon!

As seen from nana’s 100 marks expression & how you can see our forehead, you know how windy is it!

That few minutes was the coldest in my whole Taiwan trip, hahaha! (:

Totally jumped around everywhere but it was still freezing!

And it was also due to my lack of clothing because I didn’t expected it to be cold! :<

IMG_3525 IMG_3529 IMG_3527

The colourful tiles were filled with people’s names who sponsored for the tile!

And the LOVE is like a representation that you visited the Taipei 101 area!

Hahaha, the photo looks sweet but my tooth were frozen by the cold wind blowing~

Because I got slight sensitive teeth, hahahahaha!


The magnificent Taipei 101 from down-up! (:

IMG_3534 IMG_3535

Was walking along SOGO area towards the mrt station and we spotted 炎亚伦’s fansign!

Felt that it was quite cool however not much interest so we just walked past!




The area around SOGO! (:

Quite cool that when I was here last year, the shopping mall was totally undone!

And it had an overall structure of the mall completed by this year! (the last photo)


Super cute rabbit & bear tea party painting on the floor @ SOGO area! (:

It even teaches you where are the various spot you sld stand to take nice photos!


The yummy and fake(?) looking breads @ Taipei City Hall Station! (:


Bought this lemon tea which accompanied me for another 2 days!

At first didn’t quite like it because it wasn’t sweet, the more I drank the more I like it’s original taste! (:

Tried the brand’s milk tea in Beijing before and it was good!

And kirin in korean means giraffe, hahahahaha!

IMG_3550 IMG_3551

Since we didn’t went in Taipei 101, so here’s a photo of us with Taipei 101!

Hahaha, and me with my giraffe too! ^^

IMG_3563 IMG_3562

Since we were at the area, we decided to make our way down to the Hello Kitty’s Cafe!

Actually we had in mind to had our lunch there, but after much thinking we decided not to!

Because it was quite costly and we weren’t hungry actually! (:

It requires a minimum spending of NT$300 per person! (S$12.50)

And I saw quite a few blogs commented that the food wasn’t nice, hahaha!



The interior of the Hello Kitty’s Cafe looks really cute & pinkish! (:

All the desserts looking good and cute too!

IMG_3555 IMG_3560 IMG_3558

The different menus of Hello Kitty Cafe! (:


Went to East Metro Mall (东区地下街) that afternoon! (:

Reason for visiting is because we bought so much shoes here last year, hahaha!

And they were like cheaper @ NT$200 (S$8.30) or NT$350 for 2 pairs!

We bought nothing here as we decide to head down to another metro mall, Taipei Metro Mall!


This was my first time visiting here and it was quite good for shopping! (:

I felt that their clothes & shoes here were much cheaper than some night markets!

Both of us bought quite a lot of things here, hahaha!

I felt regret that I didn’t managed to buy a pair of brown heels because there wasn’t my size!

IMG_3572 IMG_3570 IMG_3573 IMG_3575

We bought super cheap sushi @ Ximen MRT station before heading back to hotel!

I think it costed only around S$2 for my 5 sushi, greedy me :p

We ended up didn’t ate it and kept it in our hotel’s fridge for a few days!

Hahaha, in the end the sushi rice tasted so frozen and horrible so I only ate the ingredients! (:


Our late lunch of the day @ the 7/11 nearby our hotel!

My favourite tw cup noodles brand’s seafood flavour + matcha latte! (:


Heehee, thanks nana for giving me this free, cute rilakkuma notebook! (:


After recharging @ our hotel, we went to Shida Night Market!

I personally think it was a very good place to shop, not so much for food! (:

IMG_3582 IMG_3583 IMG_3584

The must-try in Shida Night Market is their Lantern Lu Wei, missing it so much since our last year’s trip! (4.5/5)

Their price ranges depend on what ingredients you chose and we always chose the same ingredients!

Hahaha, didn’t had much to choose from since we don’t eat organs + intestines!

This is the third Lu Wei stall we’ve eaten in our trip & it was seriously the best one!!!!!! (Y)(Y)(Y)

I recommend the must-take ingredient is the beancurd skin, really nice! (:


Happy us after our yummy Lu Wei & our buys of the day, hahaha! (:

IMG_3586 IMG_3588

We spotted this bakery on our way to take MRT!

All the cakes are looking so so so good & tempting! (:

And we decided to buy this cute cake @ NT$55! (S$2.30)

Don’t ask me how it taste because we left it in the fridge for days & didn’t ate it :p


Had a bowl of peanut soup together before heading back to hotel! (:

It tasted quite normal because the peanuts weren’t soft!


tumblr_mn29qblvgR1qimp49o2_250 tumblr_mmj6oxjU1P1qimp49o1_500tumblr_mmte9eJMh11qimp49o1_500 tumblr_mmq9hnxLa71qimp49o1_500 tumblr_mmsw4vmHAE1qimp49o1_500

My B1A4 boyssssssss~ 

Their “What’s going on?” is really nice & addicitive! (:


Happy kwon night~ 

Will be back to post more! (:

“Keep going”



Time zoomed and I am finally graduating today!

Still rmb that I was so afraid that I couldn’t made any friends in my poly life!

Yet I managed to meet my year 1 girls, who we still contact&meet up until now~  ♥

So glad to have them and I can’t wait to attend my best friends’ graduation soon! 😀

Taiwan Trip Day 5: Xinbeitou + Ximending + Shilin Night Market! :D

Hello, sorry for not posting for so long!

Continue with tw trip day 5! (:


Nana with her favourite yellow outfit to start the day! (:


That day was a freezing day, if you can tell from our expressions and noticed my scarf!

I am looking super pale, cold cold cold morning~


Took MRT to Beitou Station which is the transfer station for Xinbeitou Station!

IMG_3307 IMG_3302

The unique hot spring themed train that brought us to one of TW’s famous hot spring area, Xinbeitou! (:


Alighted from the train and saw infinite 


The icons of Xinbeitou welcoming visitors upon reaching the station! (:

IMG_3311 IMG_3312 IMG_3313 IMG_3314

The areas around Xinbeitou’s station! (:

IMG_3316 IMG_3318

As our hotel doesn’t provide breakfast and it was freezing, we went to Starbucks to have our breakfast!

Croissant and Latte! (:

What I found unique was they have breakfast set which consists of a drink + pastry!

IMG_3321 IMG_3323

Beitou Park! (:


Along the way there was quite a few hot spring resorts!

Would like to stay in one but they are too expensive for us :<


Saw this Ketagalan Culture Centre along the way but we wasn’t interested to visit! (:


Heehee, found it quite cool that their drains feel slightly warm!

Maybe is because of their hot spring water and it feels good to be standing there during cold weather~ (:


Mini waterfall outside Beitou Library! (:


Beitou Library! (:

It’s interior and exterior’s infrastructures is really unique!

It is too pretty that I only came to realised that we are visiting a real library when we reached there!

Kept thinking that it is a museum because it looks very very very different from their normal library!

Too bad we can see the books yet we can’t borrow also!

And I feel like we are disturbing the students who were studying inside the library!

It had became a museum > library for tourist visitation purpose!


The don’tS in Beitou Library!

We still managed to take quite a few photos and was chit-chatting, hahaha! :p


This place totally resemble the running man’s reincarnation location! (:

IMG_3345 IMG_3352IMG_3356

Say cheers with the pretty infrastructures! (:

IMG_3359IMG_3367Beitou Hot Spring Museum! (:I feel that it has western style’s exterior and japanese style’s interior!IMG_3360IMG_3376

Visitors of Beitou Hot Spring Museum, please do not walk this path because it will leads to nowhere!

We innocently followed some visitors and we walked one whole round for no reason!

The path does not lead to their main entrance, instead main entrance is along the main road!

Spotted some more innocent visitors who also walked the wrong way, hahaha! (:


Weekend packed with tourists and locals! (:


We were supposed to change into slippers while touring  the museum!

Feels good to change into slippers because our feet were wet from the rain! (:

IMG_3371 IMG_3378IMG_3383

Japanese tatami matted room! (:

IMG_3382IMG_3386IMG_3394 IMG_3396

Touristy photos! (:

IMG_3384 IMG_3390IMG_3391

“Any movie tickets for you?” 😉


To say the truth, we weren’t even reading while exploring the museum!

Since there are so many things to read and is all in chinese!

Our main purpose is to take a look and take photos! :p

IMG_3405 IMG_3406IMG_3407

Super beautiful stained glass windows!

And both of us looked taller in the photos because we squatted down to take the photos, heehee! :p

IMG_3399 IMG_3408IMG_3410

Ancient Roman Public Bath! (:

IMG_3418On our way back to third hotel to collect luggages to fourth hotel! (:IMG_3421IMG_3422

This is how Tianmu Star Urban Living Hotel’s exterior looks like!

Left is our apartment and right is their reception area! (:

IMG_3432 IMG_3426 IMG_3428 IMG_3427IMG_3425

Our fourth and last hotel, Xiemen Relite Hotel which is nearby Ximending!

Around 10 mins walk to Ximending! It costed an average of S$78.40 per night!

Slightly disappointed as it wasn’t as nice as the Taichung’s hotel!

However, I am happy with their purple background and it is still like our comfortable home for our last 5 days! (:

IMG_3437 IMG_3436

The crowded Ximending on a weekend! (:

It is a place which is very popular among teenagers to shop, eat, ktv, watch drama and etc!

It has always been a place I wanted to visit since young because of the tw drama: Westside Story!

However, the overall feel of the place is quite different from what I always dreamt of because I think it had been renovated since the drama was 10 years ago!

We didn’t buy any clothes, bags or shoes here because they are much more expensive than night market’s!


As it was a freezing day, we bought heat packs from 7/11!

Heehee, buy 4 get 1 free! :p *auntie auntie auntie *


So happy to see yoochun’s standing board so I went to take a photo with him! (:

Was feeling so embarrased, hahaha! :3

I think this is the real height different of us? Hahaha!

IMG_3444 IMG_3445

The famous and highly recommended 阿宗面线 @ NT$40(S$1.60)! (:

It is super super super niceeeeeeeeee~ ^^ (4.5/5)

I ate the plain one last year and tried the original one with intestines this time!

It tasted still good as the intestines were chewy chewy!

IMG_3450 IMG_3451

Had my favourite warm pearl milktea again!

So shiok especially on cold weather! ^^

IMG_3458 IMG_3457 IMG_3461 IMG_3467IMG_3462

The most famous night market in Taiwan, Shilin Night Market! (:

The night market wasn’t my personal favourite but still a good place to shop&eat!

Quite cool that one shop had most of their items selling at only NT$99! (S$4)


One of the street game which caught our attention! (:

It is to use “bullets” to shoot down real Taiwan Dollars attached on baking paper!

It was quite interesting to watch but didn’t get to witness any winners!

One guy who spent quite a lot(?) still commented:”骗人的” Hahaha!




Super sweet mango which is one of my favourite fruit~ (4/5)

We bought half a bottle @ NT$150 (S$6) which I reflected that it costed slightly expensive!

Heard from pamy that some shop owner commented that the fruit stall’s owner cheat people’s $$$! :<

Nonetheless, she praised(?) that she thought I was taiwanese, heehee ^^

And nana was malaysian, hahaha!


Always wanted to try and finally get to eat it, Prawn Omelette! (: (2.5/5)

It was so famous and I had high expectation of it!

At first I thought it tasted quite nice, the more I eat it I get sick of that sticky taste which I don’t really like :/


The drink which I had it last year too!

We had cooling Ai-yu with lemon this time @NT$35 (S$1.50)! (: (3.5/5)

IMG_3473IMG_3474We ordered Shilin’s famous Cheesy Potato, Original flavoured!! (: (4/5)

It tasted really shiok and nice in the beginning! ^^

Just that it gets slightly sick of the taste towards the end, but it is still worth the wait! (:


Super tired us going back hotel to rest!

END OF DAY 5! (:


Rm this week on “Couple Race” is making me crazy because of the mc’s sweet interactions! 😀

(Cr: Littlepeacefulrunner)

Happy mc singing because of the beautiful scenery and their good mood! (:

(Cr: Littlepeacefulrunner)

Sweet garie feeding jihyo dukbokki! (:

(Cr: Littlepeacefulrunner)

Monday couple’s second pepero kiss!

Heehee, shy garie super cute! (:

(Cr: Littlepeacefulrunner)

HAHAHA our monday couple too cute! (:

(Cr: Kpopcorngifs)

Hugging when won!

Too much love this episode, as a fan I cannot take it! Hahaha (:

(Cr: Sugarphrase)

HAHAHA, not forgetting hilarious big nose hyung which is wearing a honeybee outfit! (;

(Cr: Paper-box)

Friends of mine will definitely know I am a big fan of the tw drama “It started with a kiss”!

And Japan have a new version called “Itazura Na Kiss Love In Tokyo” (:

Saw reviews that it is really nice! Shall watch it someday when I am free~ ^^


Just give me a reason by P!nk! (:

(Cr: Yesungesque)

Fanboy kwangsoo in a movie(?), hahaha! (:

Have a nice day~ ^^

“I just hate how people changes, it is like through the years you have became a person whom is totally different than who you were before…

Really missed the old you…”

Taiwan Trip Day 4: Tamshui Old Street + Fisherman Wharf + Tamshui Night Market + Shipai Night Market! :D


Ready to start our first day in Taipei! (:

Didn’t expect it to be not cold and I wore thick long sleeve top :<

But luckily I wore shorts so it wasn’t that bad!

And this is the only day I wore shorts because other days were too cold~~~


Raining, slightly hazy and windy weather!

IMG_3083IMG_3095 IMG_3106

One of the must-visit attraction of Taipei: Danshui Old Street! (淡水老街) (:

We purposely visited it on a weekday because it was very crowded when I was here last year on a weekend!


The very famous 铁蛋, it is like a must-try in Danshui!

Although both of us didn’t buy, hahaha! (:

IMG_3088 IMG_3089 IMG_3096

Some shops along Danshui Old Street!

We were kinda shocked to see NaRaYa here since it was supposed to be a bkk brand!

It wasn’t there last year and we realised it wasn’t that cheap also, hahaha! (:

I kind of regret not buying it when I was in bkk, I must buy the next time I go bkk!


This very unique museum with all the weird creatures/animals in the world!

I found them kind of gross so I have no interest to visit the museum!

IMG_3098 IMG_3099

My first brunch for the day because our hotel don’t provide breakfast!

Grilled quail egg with mini anchovy! (Y)

It tasted especially good with the sweet chilli sauce and it cost NT$20 (S$0.80) (4/5)


Finally get to drink my favourite plum drink (洪妈酸梅汤) after a year!

I missed it so much~ 

It has a very strong 乌梅 taste so depends on whether are you a plum lover!

But I really like it! Especially when it is very chilled! It cost NT$30 (S$1.25) (5/5)

Hahaha, I even bought a second cup to drink at night! (:


Entered this shop which we think was the same as the one we visited nearby Feng Jia Night Market!

It is also filled with all the cute cartoon items, especially my rilakkuma~ 

So cool to see each birthday month having a limited edition rilakkuma cup! (:


Rested awhile at this shop’s bench!

休息是为了走更长远的路, indeed we were at Danshui till night! (:


All the things I bought in that shop, I spent nearly NT$500 which is around S$2o!

Sounds okay actually, hahaha! But I seldom spent such a large sum in TW!

Best buy of the day is the red gloves, heehee. I like it, like it, like it~ ^^


At this famous must-visit food stall at Danshui for our brunch! (:

It was so coincidental that our number was 105 and it also cost NT$105 in total!

So I was slightly confused how much our food were in the beginning then I realised!


The very famous Ahgei (阿给) and fishball soup!

The fishball wasn’t like the one we had in SG! It had meat inside and it wasn’t as chewy too! (:


阿给 which is glass noodles wrapped in fried tofu! (:

Really yummy~ ^^ (4/5)


Danshui Old Street had quite a few shops which sells traditional games/food/candies! (:


We initially thought it was a museum, then I realised it is a cruise themed restaurant! (:

IMG_3130 IMG_3131 IMG_3132 IMG_3133

Can anyone explained why Taipei’s Starbucks Tumbler/Mug is so much nicer than Singapore’s? :<

Super in love with their sakura petals~ 

Regretted that I didn’t bought it that day because other Starbucks’ outlets have limited designs!

IMG_3138 IMG_3140

We spent some time playing basketball machine and this traditional game!

It is to throw hooks and try to “catch” one of the porcelain coin bank!

Nana was lucky enough to catch a hamster coin bank which we named it “ahbong” (:

However, she left it as one of the souvenir in our last hotel! Hahaha!

And she only realised it while we are at the departure hall!

IMG_3082 IMG_3118 IMG_3141

Some touristy photos! (:

These photos reminded me of our pretty umbrellas who accompanied us for 7 days in TW :<

Yet, we left them outside our last hotel with the other umbrellas and forgot abt them!

Hahaha, only managed to realise when we reached SG! :/

I will missed you, my sky blue umbrella~ 

IMG_3115 IMG_3148 IMG_3151 IMG_3152

Before the sunset, we boarded this small boat to Fisherman Wharf! (:

It cost NT$120 (S$5) for the tw0-way ticket and the whole journey took around 15 mins!

This was also my first visit there because we didn’t have enough time to visit last year!


As it was raining that day, the waves were especially big and the boat were quite unstable!

I only had slight motion sickness but I had fun seeing the scenery and enjoying the cool sea breeze!(:

IMG_3153 IMG_3158IMG_3253

Happy us! ^^

Nana’s photo were only taken on our way back because the boat was so unsteady that the photos I took were mostly blur!

IMG_3164 IMG_3172 IMG_3168 IMG_3170

Reached the well-known Fisherman Wharf! (:

It gets slightly windy so I wore my scarf!

IMG_3176 IMG_3178

With this cool painting which is actually a restaurant’s door! (:

IMG_3181 IMG_3180IMG_3185 IMG_3186

With the different sea creatures! (:

Munteng, the octopus is spotted! She is always with us~

Hahaha, nana had her first kiss(?) with the dolphin too! 借位~ ^^


Fisherman Wharf have limited food outlets!

This is two of their cheaper alternatives since others were restaurants!

We didn’t buy anything because we weren’t that hungry yet!







Couple bridge (情人桥)! (:

IMG_3212 IMG_3216

One of their indoor market which sells a lot of local food! (:

One funny thing is from far we can see the big and bright subway signboard and we thought subway occupied the whole building, hahaha!

IMG_3217 IMG_3220

Fisherman Wharf “LOVE” Statue! (:

Hahaha, we really looked like we were here for “honeymoon” since we just nice stood at the there!

IMG_3221 IMG_3223

Museum of Tamshui Fishiegoodies! (:

It was really a very very small museum and we just scan through!

Hahaha, they sold some local merchandises and wooden postcards!

IMG_3228 IMG_3237

情人钟! (:

It was funny that the couple bell was under repaired when we were there!


Some wooden postcards which lovers(?) left their wishes here! (:

IMG_3243 IMG_3251 IMG_3252

Our initial plan was to see sunset here, but it was raining so there wasn’t any sunset :<

Anyway, I had fun and we were on our way back to Danshui Old Street! (:

IMG_3257 IMG_3256 IMG_3258 IMG_3259

We shared this ramen set which consist of a can drink, tonkatsu ramen and sotong balls @ NT$139 (S$5.80)

Can’t expect much for this price but it tasted quite good! (3/5)

Except the drink was super super gassy! :/

IMG_3266 IMG_3265

We bought 2 packets of pineapple tarts each from this shop!

IT WAS REALLY NICE, not too sweet yet soft! (Y)

One packet cost NT$120! (S$5)

Can’t stop eating it because it is too nice and because I knew it, my dad finished it :<


Despite being very tired, we still make our way to Danshui Night Market! (:

Actually we weren’t sure whether is this the right place, but it looks like normal night market though!

Didn’t walk for quite long because of the cold cold cold wind blew~


Daiso spotted, hahaha! This will be munteng’s horror if she saw this!

After our last midnight work here she seems to be horrified even if we just mention the name!

It cost slightly cheaper than sg’s one! Every items @ NT$39! (S$1.60)


We also went to visit UNIQLO! (:

Sad that I didn’t spot any 大仁哥’s poster, he was still the representative for this brand last year!

If I am not wrong, it cost much more expensive than SG’s one!

IMG_3274 IMG_3276 IMG_3279

With our buys of the day, we are finally going back to our hotel after a long day! (:

We actually reached quite early as compared to our last few days!

Head down to Shipai Night Market once again for our late dinner!


Decide to buy something warm to tackle the cold!

We bought wanton soup + minced meat noodles! (:


We bought this chicken which seems to be very famous! (:

It was unlike the usual one whereby we just ordered verbally!

If you want to order from this shop, you need to write down on the order slip and passed it to their staff!


My honey greentea from KOI! (:

If you have been noticing, I am drinking bubble tea almost everyday!

So this is how unhealthy I am, hahaha :p


The famous 脆皮无骨鸡排! (4.5/5)

No wonder it is popular, it is really crispy and tender!! (Y)


Our wanton soup + minced meat noodles which tasted quite normal! (2.5/5)

Noticed we didn’t buy a lot since we couldn’t finish our food last night, hahaha! (:




Hope you continue to smile like you always will! ^^

B1A4 new song for WGM global version “Sunshine” (:

“You’re my sunshine, my only sunshine

You’re my sunshine, I’ll love you forever”

“Never change” by Kimberley陳芳語! (:

“Cause I really wanna take you away, Cause I wanna walk with you into space”

Happy L day, hahaha! (:

Going out soon, byeeeeeeeeeeeee~

“Don’t talk to people who don’t even bother talking to you too”

Taiwan Trip Day 3: 第二市场 + Lavender Cottage + Shipai Night Market! :D

Hello, time to post on my tw trip day 3!

Recently have been staying at home and watch dramas! (:

That winter, the wind blows; God of the workplace;  Mandate of heaven!

I already catch up the last 2 dramas and waiting for new episodes now!


Last 2 dramas I get to see my favourite kwonnie&seulong~ ♥


Pinkish outfits to start our day 3!

Sadly it is also our last day in Taichung! :<

Taichung was great! Will be back again to visit more attractions!!! 🙂



Breakfast time! :>

This is seriously the best breakfast I’ve eaten so far in hotels!

The yummy scrambled eggs (♥.♥) salted fish fried rice (♥.) pepper chicken!

Oh how I missed the food now!


Me and my arcade buddy favourite game, basketball machine! (:


On the way to 第二市场! (:

A few days ago, I saw a tw news channel on MIO TV that somewhere nearby here got murderer case!

I feel kind of creepy and eerie since I recognised the streets!



It is their local wet market and we were here for our lunch! (:


A photo before crossing the road!

Missed you girl, glad to know that you are having fun at Australia now! (:

IMG_2797 IMG_2799

It was kinda similar to the wet market in Singapore!

It was already afternoon but only a few stores were opened!

I am slightly shocked to see REAL chickens caged, means they will be killed live in front of the customers? :/

Quite surprised to see super long queue at this springroll skin stall, guess it was really famous!

IMG_2796 IMG_2807

Very famous red tea: 老赖红茶! (:

It wasn’t as wow as expected but super cheap at NT$20 (S$0.80 for such a big cup) (3/5)

Visited because SJM’s henry and zhoumi came here before for one tw variety show of theirs!

IMG_2803 IMG_2818

Just beside the red tea stall, there is is super long queue and famous carrotcake!

This carrot cake were also visited by henry and zhoumi, hahaha! (:

It was very different to the one we had in SG but THIS IS REALLY NICE! (Y)(Y)(Y)

We ate it when it was cold, can expect it to be so much nicer when it is hot!

We ordered the carrot cake + egg + glutinous rice intestine set at NT$55 (S$2.30) (4/5)

This is our first time eating glutinous rice intestine but I am surprised that it doesn’t had a strong taste and it tasted good too!

IMG_2788 IMG_2810

Taichung is famous for their sun biscuit, 太阳饼!

So we bought them at a famous 100 years shop “Nine suns” which was visited by SJM’s ryeowood and kyuhyun! (:

One of it cost NT$25 (Slightly more than S$1)


We bought the honey, milk and malt flavours and I personally like the honey one!


A meaningful quote behind the Taichung Railway Station bus stop! (:


After an hour bus ride, we finally reached 中兴领 which is the bus terminal stop!

Definitely slept through our way here, since we slept very late last night! (:

Actually ALL of our time in public transports we will be sleeping, hahaha!


A very cute soldier with hair clip, hahahahaha! (:


The whole map of 中兴领 filled with all the tourist attractions!

Since we only got the time to visit Lavender Cottage, I hope to visit the other attractions next time! (:


 Slightly regret that we didn’t chose to take the shuttle bus which is a much cheaper and I believe safer alternative!

So instead we had a two-way taxi at NT$900 (S$37.50) which is mad expensive!

There wasn’t any buses up to these attractions and Lavender Cottage is the furthest attraction :<

So we have no choice and the whole ride was so dangerous and fast t since it was along the mountainous side!

The driver seems to be rushing time to fetch another grp of customers so he drove super fast!

To add on, it was only a one way road :/ and our driver was talking on the phone!

Had a moment thinking what if our car crashed and we will die there :< :< :<

I am the type who gets giddy very easily once I board the taxi!

And this taxi ride for almost half an hr was the worst ever!

The uncle kept talking to us and he can’t seems to realise that both of us are having motion sickness and I felt super reluctant to reply :s


 To keep all the negative things aside, we FINALLY reached Lavender Cottage (熏衣草森林)! T.T

It was the attraction that I looked forward the most in our trip since is PURPLE flowers! ^^


It was a rainy day yet the attraction was still filled with visitors! (:


Our entrance tickets at NT$200 each, it includes NT$100 which you can offset from any purchase made in the park! (:


This park is actually opened by two ladies who dreamed to have a getaway spot in TW! (:


This is one of their souvenir shops at the beginning of the park! (:


Cute sausage dog with short legs spotted!

It has the exact same colour as lucky, heehee ^^



Slight slope up to the rest of the park! (:


This is an area to “purify your body” with lavender scented perfume! (:


A beautiful wooden craved signboard! (:

IMG_2850 IMG_2851

Some touristy photos! (:

IMG_2854 IMG_2858

“When does the Lavenders bloomed?”

So we were lucky to be there at the right month when the Lavender already bloomed! ^^

IMG_2859 IMG_2861 IMG_2869 IMG_2862IMG_2875 IMG_2873 IMG_2872


It is really really really beautiful!

And I feel so relax and happy to be there, maybe is the effect of the Lavenders? (:


A beautiful painting spotted! (:

IMG_2876 IMG_2880 IMG_2945

A cute house specially for visitors to take photos with! (:

IMG_2882 IMG_2883 IMG_2887 IMG_2889

Made our simple wishes @ the wishing tree! (:


 The slightly dangerous slope down!


 Hahaha, macho nana pushing the flowery wheel cart! (:


 This place looks suitable for filming “Twilight” (;

IMG_2923IMG_2912 IMG_2911 IMG_2909

 Another really beautiful garden with blooming colourful flowers! (:


 “How many types of Lavenders do you know?”

Used to thought there is only one type, didn’t know there is so many different kinds! (:


 Slightly regretful that we didn’t get to stay till night to catch the firefly!

Hope to see them someday~ ^^

IMG_2942 IMG_2935

 Merry-Go-Round in the middle of the park! (:

Didn’t played it because I am scared of the motion-sickness again and we still need to take the taxi back… :/

IMG_2937 IMG_2938

This super cool frame which made us looked like we are inside a painting with lavender background! (:

IMG_2949 IMG_2950 IMG_2952

 High tea @ their cafe!

Spotted the cute kirin, kwangsoo! 😉

IMG_2957 IMG_2958

 Definitely must try their lavender flavoured items!

So we order the lavender ice-cream and milktea! (:

Both tasted quite unique and I personally preferred the lavender ice-cream because the milk tea tasted weird? Hahaha!

Both of them cost NT$50 (S$2.10) (3.5/5) and NT$170 (S$7.10) (3/5) respectively!

IMG_2963 IMG_2964

 We actually thought we finished walking the whole park!

And realised there was this area which we haven’t explore!

Super cute mailboxes which you can mailed postcard to either yourself, friend, lover, family or hope! (:

IMG_2966 IMG_2968 IMG_2969

 Pretty swing!

Like especially the last photo with nana! (:

IMG_2974 IMG_2981 IMG_2982

With pretty and colourful flowers once again! (:

IMG_2983 IMG_2986 IMG_2988 IMG_2991 IMG_2992

A elegant cottage which is like a mini museum! (:

Actually we were rushing our time as we already pre-arranged a pick-up time with our driver!

So we only managed to take photos and didn’t really get to explore the museum!

IMG_2998 IMG_2999

Heehee, with the cool cool cool phone booth! (:

IMG_3002 IMG_3003 IMG_3006 IMG_3012 IMG_3013 IMG_3014 IMG_3015

Their second souvenir shop and we managed to visit their first souvenir shop too!

Squeezed my brain cells to max thinking what was worthwhile buying, hahaha! (:

A funny incident happened when a staff mistaken a little girl to be my daughter because she was standing near me!

Hahahahahaha, sld have videoed down my epic shocked expression! :p

Thankfully(?) she added on that I looked very young and she was also doubting whether is she my daughter!

Ended up we were 10 mins late to meet our driver and he sounded sarcastic! :s

IMG_2947 IMG_2948

Beautiful polariods to capture the memories! (:

IMG_3022 IMG_3025

We took a night coach, 国光客运 from Taichung to Taipei!

It cost NT$260 (NT$10.80) and it was a 2 hours plus journey back!

Super long queue~

We thought our tickets were the normal one so we wanted to board the coach, ended up ours was top-up tickets so need to re-queue :/

I think they have a system of reserving seats for those normal tickets, then top-up tickets can take any unreserved seats!



Finally boarded the coach and we were starving!

The sad moment when you can smell the bento the guy in front is eating :<

We should have taken the first row seats but we continue walking and ended up most seats were reserved!

So we have no choice but to sit last row, where the horror of motion sickness began for us again! :/

It was good that the coach provides free movie but there wasn’t any nice movie and we would rather spent the time for zzzz (:


Starved and tired us when the journey was longer because of traffic jam!

I couldn’t slept well and kept waking up to check where are we :/


We finally reached Taipei, where the real shopping + food began!

But the next episode of horror was to carry our heavy luggages down this staircase! :<

IMG_3032 IMG_3035

Nevertheless, still very happy to be in Taipei! (:

It was quite late and most shops in Taipei Metro Mall closes! IMG_3063

Our third hotel: Tianmu Star Urban Living Hotel!

We were here for 2 nights and it cost S$87.70 per night!

It doesn’t looked as new and pretty as our Taichung’s hotel but it is still comfortable! (:

More of a homely feel, but it wasn’t as impressive as what we saw online!

And it doesn’t really feel like a hotel too, maybe more of an apartment!


Hungry us immediately head down to nearby Shipai Night Market for our late dinner! (:

It was quite convenience, only a 10 minutes walk from our hotel!

Maybe it was late, most shops were closing but most food stalls were still opened!

IMG_3051 IMG_3053 IMG_3056

Our dinner/supper of the day! (:


Still not forget to take a photo together while waiting for our food! (:

I think we looked happier because of food? Hahaha!


First fried chicken cutlet we had in TW!

It was really crispy and tender at the cost of NT$70! (S$2.80) (3.5/5)

Or were we just hungry? Hahaha!

IMG_3059 IMG_3060

We had 卤味 once again with the same ingredients as our main course!

It tasted quite average at the cost of NT$110! (S$4.60) (2.5/5)


We also bought steamed buns at the cost of 3 for NT$20! (S$0.80)

I didn’t ate them because I was too full!

The result of too hungry=get full very easily! :O


My drink of the day: Honey Aloe Vera! (:

It was very cold yet not too sweet! (Y) At NT$30! (S$1.25) (3.5/5)


Heehee, we managed to get a free rilakkuma mug! (:

I was lucky that it was rilakkuma 100th anniversary so there was this promotion!

Whereby you collect 6 stickers + top up NT$79, you will get a rilakkuma mug!

(1 sticker=spending of NT$70, 1 additional sticker with every NT$35 in the same receipt)

You can see from here how we were 7/11 frequent visitors!

I think we went there almost everyday, hahaha! (:


Thanks to rilakkuma 100th anniversary, free rilakkuma notebook were given on certain days!

I managed to get this cutie notebook free with the spending of NT$110 in a single receipt! (:


Was in the mood for some baking because dad just bought me a mixer!

Heehee, so I baked raisin, choco chip and sunflower choco muffins together with my mum! (:

This time I received positive feedbacks from my family members, hohoho!

Now left 3 sunflower choco which wasn’t in popular demand because of its looks? :<

(Cr: Littlepeacefulrunner)

Heehee, my favourite monday couple 

Gentleman garie garie garie, so cute~ ^^

(Cr: Kpopcorngifs)


HAHAHA, he was the “lucky” one to pick the one and only raw egg which is along with 29 cooked eggs!

(Cr: Believejy)



My handsome boys with their official tees!

I can’t buy from the website because it is all in korean :/

Shall save up my $$$ to buy 2AM’s merchandises in korea, especially their I.MYSS cosmetics! ^^

Hopefully they are still the representatives for the brand!


Went to listen to quite a few english songs recently!

Which is quite rare because friends of mine will know I seldom listened to english songs!

Find these songs nice after my blog’s loyal fan, ms kiki sang at kbox!

“I don’t know why these songs remind me of how you sang, hahaha! ;)”

“Love is easy” by Kiki’s favourite, Mcfly!

This video is super cool and cute, it shows exactly what the lyrics sang!!! (:

“Do do do do do do do~”

“Kiss you” by One Direction!

떡 실 신.

Heehee, happy kwon night~ ^^

“It’s ordinary to love the beautiful, but it’s beautiful to love the ordinary”

Taiwan Trip Day 2: Carton King + Yi Zhong Street! :D

After few days of staying at home, I think I am getting depression soon :<

I finally understand the feelings of working/going out is better than home!

The boredness is stacking up higher and higher, especially when you catch up one drama :/

Glad that I am going out for the whole day today! (:

And with my favourite peoples~ ♥ hopefully I can get over my “depression” ^^

Continue with my Day 2 in Taiwan!


Breakfast delivery @ 7am!

We have the options of getting it at either 7/9 but we opt for the earlier one since we need to leave our hotel by 8+!

Already read it from online & totally love the mcdonald’s breakfast ^^

Sausage Mcmuffin + Egg Burger with Bacon + Tea + Coffee = Perfect breakfast to start our day! (:

PS: I got the breakfast and went back to zzz for awhile :p


Before checking out of the hotel, we went to nearby 7/11 to get some necessities & a warm cup of latte!

We didn’t drank our mac’s coffee+tea because it was already cold by the time we eat our breakfast!


All ready to start our brand new day with traffic light colours!

Was super looking forward to it because we are visiting Carton King! (:

The feelings of finally going after so much days of research!


Checked out of Motel Stars Business and on our way to second hotel!

Carried our luggage all the way, and stairs like this made us so urge to kick our luggage down :/

Hahaha, left our luggage at the hotel since it wasn’t check-in time yet!

IMG_2505 IMG_2509

The area further down Taichung Railway Station!

Since we were early for the bus, we managed to walk around the area!

This rundown building caught our attention! Why wasn’t it renovated? There must be some history behind it!


While waiting for the bus!

IMG_2512 IMG_2513

On our way to Carton King! (:

I bought this pair of sunglasses @ 2 for NT$100 (s$2 each) and unfortunately lost it on my 7th day!

I really like it, I feel so sad :<<<


After an hour journey on the bus, we finally reached Carton King (纸箱王)!

Mini versions of the several wonders of the world to welcome us! (:

IMG_2517 IMG_2523

Some touristy photos before entering! (:

IMG_2524 IMG_2525

Already amazed by this huge door before entering! (:

IMG_2529 IMG_2530

The entrance!


Our tickets which costed NT$200 (S$8) each!

But it includes a NT$100 which you can offset from any purchase you made in the park! (:

IMG_2533 IMG_2532 IMG_2536 IMG_2537 IMG_2552IMG_2557IMG_2558 IMG_2563 IMG_2569 IMG_2573

Representative attractions of several countries all made from cardboard, how many can you recognised? (:

Sun Moon Lake, Cien Pagoda (慈恩塔); Dubai, Tower of the Arabs (帆船饭店); Paris, Arc de triomphe de l’Étoile (凯旋门); Paris, Eiffel Tower (巴黎铁塔); Holland, Windmill (风车); London, Big Ben; Shanghai, Pearl Tower (东方明珠); Italy, Leaning Tower of Pisa (比萨斜塔); Taipei 101 (台北101)


Wonder why is there this dog’s house here? Reminds me of Shinchan’s dog! (:


How the overall of the park looks like!

Planned to spend 2 hours, yet we spent almost 4 hours here! Too fun and relaxing (:


A wishing tree! (:

The leaf will be given when you make any purchase in their shop for you to write your wishes!

IMG_2539 IMG_2547 IMG_2549

Took too many photos but just a few to share! (:

IMG_2582 IMG_2583

Carton King Themed Restaurant! (:

Just like the name, basically everything in the restaurant were made of cardboard!


Happy nana thinking what to order! (:

The restaurant had a minimum spending of NT$80/person!

And since it was before 2pm, the items we can ordered were quite limited!

So to save cost, both of us just ordered the cheapest which is Vegan Mushroom Pasta Set!

Now think of it we should shared the cost and ordered 2 different pasta set!

IMG_2594 IMG_2597

Vegan Mushroom Pasta Set @ NT$200! (S$8)

It tasted really vegetarian, so both of us didn’t really like it! (2.5/5)

There is 3 selections for drink: Flower Honey Tea/Honey Green Tea/Hot Oolong Tea!

We chose the first two and both were really really nice! (4.5/5)

The drinks will be served in this cute cardboard which you can bring home for souvenir like we did! (:

IMG_2602 IMG_2605

One of their souvenir shop!

We spotted this super cute amulet which contained 5 packets of tea!

It has interesting comments which we bought the amulet for studies and love for 2 of our lucky BFFs! 😉


There is also another wishing tree inside the shop!

And I got to write my wishes on the maple leaf too! (:


Some interesting stamp we got to chop!

A tip for visitors to TW is to bring a notebook around because most attractions in TW have their own unique stamp!

We shall rmb to bring it on our next visit to TW! (:


Heehee, spotted this very cute elementary table and trying to be young for awhile! (:

IMG_2616 IMG_2638

An overview of Carton King Zoo! (:

IMG_2625 IMG_2628 IMG_2630 IMG_2636

Some of the animals! Kirin Lee Kwangsoo spotted 😉

IMG_2645 IMG_2647IMG_2643

Photos with the animals and succeeded jump shot! (:


Map of Carton King! (:


With the cute icon of Carton King! :O


Another bigger souvenir shop! (:






Everything made from cardboard!

Hat, big pony, small pony, chair and even bf, keke (:


Cardboard lightings! (:

This marks the end of our visit to Carton King, we had such a fun time there!

I saw some reviews of it being boring and the cardboard not up to standard,

but I think it really depends on how you view it and who you were with! ^^


We walked to a nearby 7/11 and had some rest!

I bought this ice cream because I heard the name being mentioned before!

It is vanilla flavoured but sadly I didn’t finished it because I got sick of the taste after awhile!

Hope to try more flavours on our next visit! (:


While waiting for bus back to our second hotel!

With our cute hair clips bought today ^^

We looked tired and it seems like we had a long day, hahaha (:


Polariods of the day!

Heehee, I like all! So nice ^^


Second hotel: Cityinn Plus Taichung Station Branch! (: (Cost: S$83.50 per night)

This is actually my favourite hotels out of my whole trip!

Anyone going Taichung I recommend you all to stay here! (:



Lobby area!

I love the whole interior design of the hotel, so modern and colourful! (:

Kudos to the polite, helpful and initiative receptionists!


Beverage area!

Free flow of tea&coffee! (:


Business Center!


Bar Area, Mini Kitchen!


Sitting Area!


Free Laundry Area!


Free Computer Usage Area!


Our room key!


Every storey in the hotel has a different theme!

We booked a normal category, but if we pay more we would have gonna a themed room too! (:


Our theme for the level! (:


It was a funny experience for us because we can’t seem to find our room as we can only spot 807 and 809!

We sort of like panic and wanted to go down to ask for help, hahaha! (:

The we realised our room is isolated from the rest next to the emergency staircase!

My guess were perhaps the other rooms were themed, so ours is the only normal one!


We only stayed for one night so we didn’t managed to use this cool magnets! (:



Overall of the room!

Nana’s dream, Japanese Style room! (:

I think it is small but clean and comfortable!


Before heading to Yi Zhong Street for shopping + dinner,

We were hungry and had 卤味 together at a stall just a few shops beside our hotel! (:

It was nice and warmed us from the cold weather, it cost NT$80 (s$3.30) (3/5)

I saw some students takeaway for dinner, how I wish it was sold in SG too!


Yi Zhong Street which is just like normal night market!

I personally feel that it is a very good place for shopping and eating! (:


My first cup of warm pearl milktea! (:

I think this is the best out of all the cups of warm pearl milktea I’ve drank in this TW trip!

It was super nice and of course warming, it cost NT$30 (S$1.25) (4/5)


Nana bought her favourite Spongebob Squarepant cakes for supper! (:

It has like all 6 characters, hahaha!

I think it was that night where TV was just nice showing Spongebob Squarepants!

 I only had one mouth of it, but it tasted so cold and slightly hard :/

But maybe is because it was after 1-2 hours of purchase!


We also takeaway this smelly tofu for supper!

Although nana didn’t like it, I felt that it is really nice!!! (: (4/5)

She commented that she can smell the scent while she eats it but I don’t seem to smell it!

Hahaha, maybe I already tried eating it before so I don’t feel so!

I think is worthwhile trying for people who haven’t eat it before! (Y)


Halfway through our shopping+eating, it started to rain :/

Dislike dislike dislike because our shoes are soaked because of that :<

And when the cold wind blew, woooooo~


Super nice and crunchy guava for supper too!

Recommended to try all fruits in TW because they are really fresh! (:


Our buys of the day!

You will find it familiar because we wore it for the next few days!

Actually I only managed to buy one top for that day :<

But I am happy that I bought that cute cute ninja socks!!! ^^


Because of the free laundry service + our clothes are drenched  + new clothes,

We decided to wash our clothes in the middle of the night!

Which took around 40 minutes to wash and another 50 minutes of drying :<


In that mean time, we went to nearby 7/11 to buy necessity!

Actually I was quite afraid that that time because it of pitch dark and I couldn’t see well in dark!

Somemore midnight so quiet, awwww :/


Managed to take some time to use the computers too!

Went to update myself regarding my long time no see, kwonnie oppa~ ♥

Nana and her shocked expression when she realised the computer are TOUCH SCREEN, hahahaha!


We waited for it to dry until 3+am and we realised most clothes wasn’t dry yet! :<

So we ended up just throwing them into two separate dryer and went to sleep!

Thank you to kind soul who helped us to put our clothes into baskets when we collect them in the morning (:

END OF DAY 2! Look forward to day 3~ ^^


So beautiful cherry blossom! When will I get to see them? :<

Prepared to go out soon!

Today will be a good day and have a nice day peeps! (:

Taiwan Trip Day 1: Feng Jia Night Market! :D

After months and months of counting down, 10 days flew passed! :O

I am already back at Singapore for exactly two weeks!

Already missing TW’s cold weather, unlike Singapore’s humid weather :<

It is time to share my experience for this TW trip, along with nana chan, who is now at brisbane (without me)!

Hahaha, it is like our honeymoon trip since is only 2 of us! (:


We had a morning flight which explains us reaching Changi Airport at 5am!

It was kinda good too since we can sleep on the plane, so I didn’t slept the night before!

Both of us were so excited since we are going overseas alone, heehee ^^


Jia jia and Kai kai to greet us before entering the departure area!


Goodbye Singapore~ ^^

I can still feel my excitement at that point in time!


We board the plane after the sunrise!

So beautiful! ^^


Although I had traveled a few times, but this is seriously the first time I saw this!

I think most of the time when I am awake, my view is always clouds clouds clouds!

This time we were above the clouds and as usual I didn’t slept well, so I get to see this amazing and beautiful view!!! ^^

IMG_2405 IMG_2406

After our 4 hours 45minutes flight, we arrived in TW and collected our luggages! (:


Was here one year ago and it was renovating!

One year later back at the same airport and I was amazed by their contemporary design! (:

Totally different feel from last year! (I meant it in a good way)

IMG_2410 IMG_2414

Our first meal at TW: 关东煮 @ their convenience stall! ^^

We were slightly disappointed that their raddish tasted bitter, since it was nana’s favourite!

I bought this bottle of drink which lasted me for 3 days?

Hahaha, cause we bought drinks along the way!


We boarded U-bus from Taoyuan International Airport to Taichung Railway Station!

It was a 2 hours plus journey and it costed NT$240! (~S$10)

Surprised by how green this bus’s interior and exterior was! Kinda reminded of our secondary school!

Hahaha, but it was super comfortable and we slept through our whole journey! (:


Excited us ^^

IMG_2417 IMG_2419

Reached Taichung Railway Station! Ready to begin our journey~ (:


After quite a long journey of asking the locals where our hotel is,

we finally finally finally reached before sunset! :’)

Wonder why? Because the locals don’t seem to know where is the road which our hotel is located!

IMG_2420IMG_2424 IMG_2425 IMG_2426 IMG_2427 IMG_2428 IMG_2429 IMG_2430 IMG_2431

First hotel: Motel Stars Business 台中之星! (: (Cost: S$95.80 per night)

We were super amazed by how luxurious this hotel were, super satisfied abt the room!

It was the most grand hotel and had the largest room out of all the hotels I’ve ever stayed in!

What so special is that it had a monitor that helps to control the lighting, TV and music in the room!

It feels like your own home, having nice cpop music continuous playing 😉

It also had a massage bathtub which I am once again amazed!!

It feels more like an apartment than a hotel because there wasn’t really check-in process!

The whole procedure lasted like less than 2 minutes and we were given key to our room!

Kudos to the super nice receptionists who always welcomed us before we even reached their office!

They also gave us this branded soap/lotion as a token of apologize as their hot water wasn’t working for awhile!


Such nice hotel and service made us regret that we were only staying for 1 night! :<

It was actually our last min decision to book this hotel because of the earthquake at Nantou!

We decided not to go Sun Moon Lake and our original Taichung’s hotel was fully booked!

It is like a blessing in disguise! ^^


Happy us going to our first night market! ^^


Taiwan’s largest night market: Feng Jia Night Market (逢甲夜市)!

IMG_2448 IMG_2450 IMG_2451

Our most anticipated food of the day after our research!

熊手包 which consists of milk bun, fried chicken and mushroom&pepper sauce!

The combinations can be chosen and it costed NT$80 (S$3.30)

It wasn’t as amazing as we expected cause it tasted like normal burger!

Nonetheless, it was still nice! (: (3.5/5)

IMG_2453 IMG_2454

葱油饼 with seaweed flavoured!

We bought 1/4 of it so it costed NT$25! (S$1.05)

This wasn’t what we wanted to eat but as typical singaporeans, we queued with the locals! :p

Good food worth the wait! Heehee, it was very crispy and nice (: (4/5)

IMG_2456 IMG_2457

A typical kind of shop which most night market have!


Saw it on the TV yesterday!

Nana with her NT$100 (S$4.20) beef sirloin!

Although I wasn’t suppose to eat but I still tried one piece and it was nice and chewy! (:


Coincidentally we went to this shop thinking of sales but it has so many cartoon stuffs!

It is just like my rilakkuma paradise ^^

I am a wise spender so I didn’t buy implusively, heehee! (:

IMG_2466 IMG_2467

These huge Thai prawns caught our attention because they looked so tempting!

We bought a packet of middle sized ones at NT$150 (S$6.25)

Many different flavours to choose from and we chose the most popular one: garlic and salt!


After a few samples from this shop, we decided to buy it!

This milktea with their homemade jellies were really really really nice, but we forgot the name of the drink :<

This is our supper of the day! ^^


Garlic & Salt Prawns!

It was nice however the prawns weren’t actually that big, the meat were only half of the prawn!

I felt slightly cheated! :< (3/5)


This super super super cold and delicious milktea!

It tasted really unique with their homemade jellies! :> (5/5)


Rock melon and guava!

TW’s fruits were really sweet and crunchy! (4/5)


Heehee, my buys of the day!

Rilakkuma jjiang, too cute! ^^


Feel so shiok soaking our legs in the massage bathtub! ^^

That’s the end of Day 1! More to come~


IMG_4343 IMG_4344

Last last wednesday, had lunch with kiki&nana and our usual kbox session!

First and will be my last time trying Kungfu Paradise!

I ordered this pepper kway tiao and it was super salty, doesn’t really taste the pepper!

I love their minestrone soup though! (:

We had a meal upgrade which includes a soup, drink and watermelon for free!


Had dinner with my favourite girls the same night!

Always love to have dinner with them because it will be filled with non-stop laughters ♥

This photo depicts a pair of best friend arguing! (:


Last sunday, had a great lunch with kiki&mt @ Pizza Hut!

We were so engrossed in “The hardest game 2” (:

IMG_4799IMG_4793 IMG_4794

Last monday, I had an early dinner with kiki after our job interview @ Once Upon A Rosti!

“May the odds be ever in our favour” (:

Kiki always mentioned it and we finally had the chance to try it!


Their ranges of value meals!

IMG_4797 IMG_4798

Our Sir-All-Day-Breakfast set with mushroom soup + drink @ $10.50!

The rosti was quite unique but overall it tasted average!

Their sauces were slightly salty!

Everyone seems to be so busy!

Any kind soul want to watch “Iron Man 3” with me? (:


Heehee, its 2:08AM!

Happy kwon night~ ^^

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